Unlocking the Charm of 2024's Top 5 Diamond Solitaire Ring Styles

top 5 diamond solitaire rings

If your heart leans towards the simplicity of minimalism while still cherishing timeless elegance, then a solitaire diamond ring is your ideal choice!

This stunning piece of jewelry, showcasing a single stone—be it a captivating colored gem or a timeless natural diamond—rests gracefully on a plain metal band, embodying a celebrated symbol of sophistication and grace.

So, are you ready to explore the top 5 elegant picks of the year?

Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring: 

Step into the future of elegance with the Halo Solitaire Ring, a top trend for 2024. This distinctive style not only adds sparkle by surrounding the central diamond with smaller gems but also enhances the appearance of the center stone by making it look larger and more brilliant. Also, it offers versatility in terms of customization, allowing the choice of different center stones and additional design elements.

Round Halo Diamond Bypass Swirl Promise Ring

Diamond Solitaire With Diamond Band: 

According to The Knot's 2023 Jewellery and Engagement Study, 28% prefer the enduring charm of the Diamond Solitaire with Diamond Band. Clear, classic, and captivating – this solitaire diamond ring design puts the diamond at the forefront, creating a striking contrast that catches the light.   

Check out Angara's solitaire rings for women with a wide range of customisation features in terms of the band and metal type.

Solitaire Heart Diamond Bypass Ring with Diamonds 

Bypass Round Diamond Spiral Solitaire Ring: 

Travel back to the romantic Victorian era with the Bypass Round Diamond Spiral Solitaire Ring. Symbolizing unity, this style gracefully embraces the center stone with swirling ribbons of metal. A romantic and unique choice, especially if you're in search of something truly special.

Bypass Round Diamond Spiral Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Round Diamond Infinity Promise Ring: 

Evoke eternal promises with the Solitaire Round Diamond Infinity Promise Ring.The intertwining bands forming the infinity symbol represent an everlasting promise and commitment. The intertwining bands form the symbol of forever, complemented by a shimmering round diamond. A meaningful and timeless piece, perfect for expressing everlasting love and commitment.

Solitaire Round Diamond Infinity Promise Ring

Solitaire Diamond Floral Ring: 

The solitaire diamond serves as the focal point of the ring, with round diamonds being a popular choice for their timeless appeal and pure sparkle. With the timeless appeal of round diamonds and a floral design adding a touch of romance, this choice is both unique and charming. 

The floral design surrounding the diamond adds a romantic and whimsical touch to the ring, making it a unique and charming choice. From rose  to yellow gold, find your unique and charming choice within the Angara collection.

Solitaire Diamond Floral Ring

Styling Tip: 

Tailor your choice to perfection – for smaller hands, consider 1.0 carat or smaller, while larger hands can go bold with 1.50-2.0 carats. Remember, the smaller the finger, the larger the diamond appears.


In a world where trends evolve, these solitaire pieces stand as timeless icons. Explore customization with Angara's collection of diamond solitaire rings for women. Seize the opportunity to express your individuality and everlasting style.

Don't wait! Your journey to timeless beauty starts here.


1. How do I choose the right carat size for a solitaire ring investment?
Choosing the ideal carat size depends on budget, personal style, hand size, and lifestyle. The Angara experts recommend prioritizing cut and quality before allocating the remaining budget to size.

2. What are the latest trends in solitaire ring settings?
The latest trends in solitaire ring settings include Bezel Settings,Pave Band Rings,Halo Settings, Chunky Settings. These trends reflect a mix of classic styles and modern twists, offering a range of options if you're considering a solitaire ring purchase.

3. What are some tips for maintaining the brilliance of a solitaire ring over time?
Keep it sparkling by cleaning regularly, avoiding harsh activities, and considering professional maintenance for longevity and shine. Your solitaire's brilliance deserves to last a lifetime.


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