Resize & Repair

Resizing and Repair Policy

We offer resizing and repair services so that you get the perfect fit and are able to enjoy your Angara jewellery piece forever.

For requests initiated within 15 days from the date of the delivery of the item, we provide free return shipping. 

  • Angara offers free (no labour charges) ring resizing for a lifetime.

  • In some cases, where we need to remake the ring due to a major size difference, the charges may vary. Our Customer Service Team will inform you about the charges.

  • Resizing may not be possible for certain ring designs due to their unique structural characteristics. 

  • When resizing or repairing a ring involves adding or subtracting metal, there will be a corresponding charge or refund for the metal adjustment.

  • For requests raised after the 15-day return period, you will have to bear the shipping charges and send the item to the address provided by us. You can connect with our Customer Service Team for any assistance you may require.

  • Angara will not accept any product that has already been repaired, resized or engraved by another jeweller. In such circumstances, the service warranty will be considered null and void.

  • Repairing damaged jewellery often involves techniques such as soldering, resizing or reshaping, which can result in the removal of small amounts of metal. These processes may be necessary to restore the jewellery piece's structural integrity or to address specific issues. By authorising the repair of your jewellery, you acknowledge that some metal loss may occur during the process. However, we assure you that our experienced artisans will exercise their best judgement and skills to ensure a high-quality repair.

  • Repair services, other than those covered in the warranty policy of Angara, are chargeable. 

    Resizing and Repair Status

    The status of your returned item can be tracked on our Online Returns page. Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Service Team on 9001001313 or