Top 9 Necklace Styles That Have Us Obsessed

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The summer of 2023 brought with it several exciting jewellery trends. Even though we see new ones emerge every season, some of these have got us super stoked, and as you read along, you’ll know exactly why. Now, if you love necklaces, you’re going to fall hard for what we have in store. But if you’re someone who says ‘Na, I am good with my earrings and rings’, then trust us, you are about to be converted. 

So, sit back with your cup of coffee and get ready to explore the hottest necklace styles of the season. And while these picks may be for 2023, we are certain these trends are going to last for years to come!

9 Necklace Styles That’ll Give You the Runway Feels

  • Nature-Inspired

So, what if you can’t leave the corporate jungle and venture into a real one. You can still feel close to the green valleys with nature-inspired pendant necklaces, featuring tree branches, flowers, leaves and vines. Shining with the beauty of nature, these designs are an ode to all that is wild, untamed and yet so gorgeous. A lot like you, eh? 

  • Symbols

When words fail, symbols say it all! Symbol necklaces make for the perfect gifts when you have so much to say and need that one piece that captures your feelings. From infinity, circle and heart to cross, halo and more, this necklace style is quite the rage among fashionistas. 

  • Station

If you love timeless minimalism and want something subtle to perk up your everyday outfits, then look no further than station necklaces. Just enough. Not too much. Calls for attention, yet does not hog the limelight. Yes, that is a good old station necklace for you. 

  • Strand

From the boardroom to the beach, a strand necklace is a definite go-to if you love romantic necklaces. An elegant strand of pearls around the neckline elevates your décolletage, giving you a sophisticated look. Strand necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from long necklace styles to uber-chic choker necklaces

  • Lariat

Wear a stunning monochromatic dress in blue or pink and top it up with a stylish lariat necklace. Chef’s kiss all the way! Versatile and dreamy, these long necklaces are must-haves for your jewellery box. They have the power to effortlessly elevate any and every outfit. 

  • Solitaire

A solitaire necklace is one of our top faves when it comes to everyday bling. Dressed with either a vibrant coloured gem or a diamond at the centre, this classic necklace style is perfect for every mood and style. No surprise that this is one of the hottest trends of 2023. 

  • Chain

If you’re just warming up to the necklace trend and want to start somewhere then a lovely chain necklace would be the perfect pick.  A classic necklace studded with coloured gemstones or diamonds can be worn alone or with one or more necklaces to up the glam factor.

  • Art Deco Inspired

If one necklace trend of 2023 had to be the cheerleader of the group, it would be the fabulous Art Deco-inspired style. Vintage with a modern twist, this trend pays homage to iconic styles that have been popular over several decades. 

  • Initial

Love wearing accessories that are an extension of your quirky and cool self? If so, then personalised necklaces would be your best bet.  Sophisticated yet fashionable, initial necklaces are the perfect everyday accessory and are popular for all the right reasons. What’s more? They also make the ultimate gift for your special ones. 

So, there you have it, ladies! Timeless necklace styles that have grabbed everyone's attention, yet again in 2023. Don’t wait and let Angara be your go-to destination to shop these trending necklace designs. Explore our collection now!


1. What are the hottest trends in jewellery right now?

Statement earrings, coloured gemstone rings, personalised necklaces and heart bracelets are some of the hottest jewellery trends of 2023.

2. How do you choose the right necklace for your style?
If you’re going for a simple outfit, you can add a layered necklace or a statement choker piece to give your look the edge it deserves. On the other hand, if your outfit is intricately detailed, then a simple solitaire or even a lariat would do it justice. But in the end, it’s all about how you feel. As long as it feels effortless, it’s good to go.

3. How do I style a chain necklace for women?
Chain necklaces can be worn alone to give a subtle lift to your outfit or can be stacked with other pieces for a layered look.



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