Necklace Trends to Watch in 2024: Evil Charm, Coloured Gemstones, V-neck Styles And More!

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Necklaces are one of those accessories that defines a look. Did you ever notice how a chunky piece can pack a punch, while a minimalist necklace strikes the perfect balance.

In 2024 minimalism is the fashion statement and we have collected the top necklace search results that's here to stay! 

7 must-have necklace styles in 2024

Evil Eye Charm Necklace 

With our evil eye blue sapphire necklace, warding off the 'nazar' has never looked so chic! One of the most trending and in-style necklace designs is the evil eye pendant necklace. It's just worthy of the obsession with a blue sapphire as the center stone and sparkling diamond accents.  

Sapphire Necklaces 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend but sapphire is no less! With a spectrum of colors to choose from—pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, and more—sapphire necklaces offer endless options to choose from. And when paired with diamonds, they sparkle like no other! Take, for instance, our Oval Sapphire Halo Pendant with Diamond Clustre—a dazzling piece available in a variety of stunning hues! 

Zodiac Necklaces 

Who doesn't love themselves? Each unique trait becomes part of our identity, and hence, zodiac signs are gaining popularity lately. It's like wearing a piece of your identity around your neck and flaunting its uniqueness in every glamour. And when paired with zodiac-favored gemstones or birthstones like the Emerald and Diamond Triangular Taurus Pendant Necklace and Garnet Capricorn Constellation Medallion Pendant Necklace they become truly extraordinary!

Heart Pendant Necklaces

The timeless heart shape remains a beloved favorite. Whether it's a heart-shaped diamond solitaire pendant or a gemstone heart necklace, it always wins hearts! And for those "You own the key to my heart" moments, the Pave-Set Diamond Heart Key Pendant speaks volumes.  Or add a cupid's touch with the Diamond Heart Arrow Pendant Necklace.

V-line Necklace Style

With the urban culture, partying and night outs are common. The most important features of such nights are the dress and the accessories. Imagine that perfect Bodycon dress with a V-line — —it deserves a touch of sparkle, doesn't it?  In that case, you'll fall in love with this Three Stone Graduated Bezel-Set Diamond Lariat Necklace just like the multitude of buyers that carts it everyday! 

Opal And Diamond Combination 

There are as many white-obssesed guys as there are black, if not more! That's precisely why our opal necklaces are flying off the shelves. Elegant, simple, and bursting with fiery charm, they're simply irresistible. For a touch of understated sophistication, opt for a bezel-set diamond necklace with opal as the centerpiece, just like our Round Opal and Diamond Halo Pendant with Bezel-Set Emerald

Garnet Pendant Necklaces

We all love rubies, right? But here's a gemstone that captures that same allure beautifully at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're expressing gratitude to your mom with our Bond of Love Garnet & Diamond Family Tree Pendant  or treating your queen to our Claw-Set Round Garnet Pendant Necklace with Diamond Double Halogarnet necklaces exude a breathtaking regal charm that's simply irresistible!

Be it for a wedding party, a date night, office wear or just-because present, our collection is updated to include the changing taste of the generation while also accomodating the vintage designs. We have something for everybody, and in case you wish to modify them to your uniqueness, Angara offers an elaborated customisation feature. From the Gemstone carat weight, metal type to the stone quality and setting, you have a free hand in tweaking your jewellery to your preference. If you have any questions or need assistance with cancellations, reach out to our Customer Service Team at 9001001313 or

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1. What makes a necklace expensive?
High-quality materials, intricate detailing, superior craftsmanship, and renowned brands or designers drive up the cost of expensive necklaces.

2. Can I Pair Modern Outfit with traditional Indian Necklaces?
Absolutely! Mixing traditional Indian necklaces with modern outfits can create a stunning fusion look. Strike the perfect balance between contrasting styles for a unique and stylish ensemble that reflects your personal taste.


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