Should I Go For A Pendant Necklace Or A Pendant + Gold Chain? Don't Get Chained Down!

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One of the most frequently asked questions is “should I buy a pendant necklace or a pendant and gold chain separately?” Today let's talk about this in detail. 

Difference between a pendant and a pendant necklace 

Necklace comes in various forms and types. But wearing a regular gold chain with a dainty pendant has long been cherished in India. What's the difference between the two? It's simple— A simple pendant, that charming little dangler, is meant to be paired with a chain, while a pendant necklace is a complete piece, ready to be worn right away.

Which is a better choice? — let's understand each of their merits first.

Advantages of a Pendant Necklace:

  • These pieces are ready-to-wear, eliminating the need to find a matching chain. Simply slip it on and go!

  • Offers Aesthetic Harmony: The pendant and chain are often designed as a cohesive unit, ensuring a balanced and polished look. So you need not worry about that "just right" chain or visa-versa. 

  • Caters to wide choices: From delicate aquamarine necklaces to incorporating bold statement pieces like ruby pendants, pre-designed necklaces cater to a wide range of styles and budgets.

  • Design intricacy: A pendant necklace often incorporates intricate design and details that would have otherwise looked overwhelming on a separate pendant. 

Have a look at this Contemporary Round Natural Diamond Journey Pendant NecklaceNow picture finding a chain that complements it - not so easy! 

  • Ease of gifting: A pendant necklace renders a premium gifting experience– no need for the recipient to find a matching chain! It's a complete gift in itself. 

Now, Imagine gifting a gorgeous opal necklace with matching opal earrings – a gift that instantly sets them up for a winning look! 

If you crave a more customisable look, a separate pendant and gold chain offer exciting possibilities:

  • Customisation Possibilities: You can easily create unique combinations by pairing different pendants with various chains. For instance, an emerald pendant can look stunning on a delicate gold chain for everyday wear, or paired with a thicker chain for a bolder evening look.
  • Highly durable: High-quality gold chains are known for their incredible durability. They can easily outlast the chains that come with pre-designed necklaces, making them a smart investment, especially if you wear your pendant often. Plus, with a separate pendant and chain, if something breaks, you only need to fix or replace that one piece – the other part is still perfectly usable!

  • Versatility: A classic gold chain can also be worn on its own or paired with different pendants, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any jewellery collection.

  • Budget-friendly gifting: Struggling to pick the perfect pendant necklace for a gift? Not to worry! Pendants can be fantastic gifts on their own, especially classic choices like birthstone pendants or zodiac pendants. Imagine the cost difference between a pre-designed garnet necklace for a January birthday or an amethyst necklace for February – yikes! With a separate pendant, you can skip the chain and still deliver a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Even initial pendants are a great and affordable gifting choice. You can even buy multiple initials or charms to create a special message or symbol along the gold chain, or keep it minimal with a single initial pendant

Factors to Consider When Making Your Choice:

Budget: Pendants are often budget-friendly, especially if you already have a gold chain to match their elegance. 

Style Preference: If you crave a cohesive look or the freedom to mix and match, go for pendants and chains separately.

Lifestyle: If you're active, a separate, more sturdy chain might be more durable than a delicate chain included in a pre-designed necklace.

Frequency of Wear: For everyday wear, the convenience of a pre-designed necklace might be ideal. However, you might want to match your outfit with different colored gemstones on different occasions, in that case buying them separately would be a better option.

Occasion: For a formal event, a pre-designed necklace might offer a more polished look.

So, ultimately there's no right or wrong answer — it all boils down to your needs and preferences. What's your budget? Is this a gift for a specific person or a personal treat? How frequently is it gonna be worn? A necklace sits right below your face, and we want it to be as elegant as possible. That's why we source the best quality gemstones, handcraft stunning design combinations, and above all— give you the liberty to customise on your own terms! 

So why wait? Explore our stunning collection of pendants and necklaces to grace your ensemble or start designing yourself!


1. Which type of chain is best for pendants?
The best type of chain for your pendant depends on the weight, style, and size of the pendant. A delicate pendant might look best on a thin chain, while a heavier pendant might require a sturdier chain for balance.

2. What is the best way to wear a pendant?
A shorter chain (around 16-18 inches) will position the pendant at your collarbone, while a longer chain (20-24 inches) will let the pendant hang lower. Consider the neckline of your outfit and the overall balance you want to achieve.


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