Must-have Jewellery Staples: Top 5 Necklace Designs for Everyday

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Indian girls hate to face the mirror bare necked— It's no wonder, necklaces are a staple in every jewellery box! But with so many options out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed. So, we've rounded up the top 5 necklace categories that'll have you slaying every look effortlessly! Trust us, it's a game-changer! 

Top 5 Must-have Necklace Category 

Gold Chain : The perfect accessory for the modern day sophisticated woman. A stunning gold chain features minimalist design that is both chic and elegant, making it the perfect choice for both formal & casual occasions. Wear it solo for an understated elegance or layer it up for a trendy twist. Plus, its versatility allows for endless styling options—mix, match, and layer with separate pendants to create your unique look every day! Best of all, you don't have to break the bank; find sturdy and stylish gold necklaces under 50,000 at Angara.

Diamond necklace: One of the best jewellery pieces that stays forever — and that can spruce up your elegance — wherever you are, whatever you wear is a diamond necklace. Whether it's a classic solitaire necklace or a delicate string of diamonds, their symmetrical charm complements any outfit flawlessly. Ideal for everyday wear or casual outings, they radiates sophistication with every sparkle. Pair with a kurta or a formal shirt for an understated yet stunning ensemble that turns heads wherever you go.

Did You Know? 

India crowns to be the land where diamonds were first discovered. Surprisingly, it was Europe that pioneered the creation of the first-ever diamond necklace. 

Gemstones necklace: Picking out jewellery can be a hit-or-miss, considering everyone's unique tastes. But fear not! A vibrant gemstone necklace from Angara is sure to add a perfect pop of color to anyone's wardrobe. For those who prefer a foolproof option, consider choosing a piece based on birthstones—it's a timeless choice that works for any occasion.  You can scroll through a range of classy collection to find the perfect birthstone necklace — Try out the Angara ruby necklace collection if you're born in July, an elegant amethyst necklace for February babies, a stunning emerald necklace for May-born individuals, and an exquisite Angara opal necklace for those born in October. 

Pendant Necklace: Pendant necklaces come in a wide variety of designs, from simple to intricate. Some of the most popular designs include initial pendants, crosses, keys, letters, and hearts. Pendants can also be adorned with stones, crystals, or other embellishments. Individually, the heart shape and diamonds are two universal symbols of eternal love, romance, and an unbreakable bond. And if you combine them— it's the ultimate declaration of love, making diamond heart necklaces a rapidly rising star!  

Stackable Necklace: The key to successfully layering necklaces is to have them all be of different lengths and textures; mix and match lengths and textures for a look that's as dynamic as you are! Try pairing a bold statement piece with a delicate chain or layering tennis necklaces of varying carat weights. Keeping the pieces aligned and neat ensures an effortlessly chic and stylish look, perfect for any occasion. Whether for daily wear or a night out, choose chains of different lengths and thicknesses with varied chain links for a cohesive yet dynamic look. And the best part? You can always wear it as a single gold and diamond chain too!

Unlike fashion jewellery, fine jewellery is long-lasting and can enhance any outfit effortlessly. The blend of gold and diamonds exudes unparalleled quality and elegance, setting it apart from ordinary pieces. With Angara, you have the freedom to customise every jewellery piece to reflect your uniqueness. From selecting the metal type and gemstone carat weight to choosing the setting and adding engravings, the possibilities are endless. 

So, go ahead and add the best to your jewellery staples! 


1. What necklace styles are best for casual outings or everyday wear?
Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant, Initial Pendant, Cross Pendant Necklace, Birthstone Necklace and Gold Chains are among the best choices for casual and everyday wear. 

2. What necklace designs are popular among Gen Z and millennial consumers?
Millennials opt for minimalist jewellery such as simple rings and chain necklaces, while Gen Z is reviving 1990s fashion trends, including anklets, choker necklaces, personalized pieces, and charm bracelets for a nostalgic yet trendy look. 


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