5 Bracelet Styles Everyone's Wearing in 2023

top 5 bracelet styles

Are you ready to up your wrist game and add some stylish pieces to your collection? 

Bracelets are having a moment, and we're here to spill the beans on the hottest wrist candy trends taking the jewellery world by storm. 

From the streets to the runways, these are some of the bracelet styles that have captivated fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters… 

1. The Bangle Frenzy

Bangles are back and bigger than ever! They aren’t just fun but also add instant flair to any outfit, be it your everyday casuals or a party ensemble. And it's not just us, style icons like Hailey Bieber and Kareena Kapoor are on board too. If you're someone who thrives on the latest fashion trends, these wrist wonders demand a spot in your collection. You can start with a stack of thin bangles to ease into the trend or go all out with a thicker bangle that’ll capture everyone's attention.

2. Pearl It Up

Pearls are an accessory staple. Period. And let's be honest, they are everywhere. A perfect example? Alia Bhatt's stunning pearl-beaded gown at the Met Gala 2023! And when it comes to pearl jewellery, bracelets offer a modern touch of elegance that's hard to match. For a truly stunning look, we suggest you choose pieces that showcase pearls in combination with colourful gemstones or diamonds. 

3. Colour All the Way

Why settle for boring bracelets when you go with outfit-elevating coloured gemstone bracelets! Well, we're fully committed to giving our wrist accessories that extra pop of vibrance. It's the perfect way to effortlessly level up your style game. Think tennis bracelets dressed with fiery rubies, rich emeralds and cool blue sapphires. 

4. Keep It Personal

Are you someone who loves to express your individuality through jewellery? Then initial, zodiac, birthstone and charm bracelets are must-haves in your closet! These bracelet styles are a great way to add a bit of ‘you’ to your everyday look and tell your story the way you want. Alternatively, you could also opt for customizable diamond bracelets that can be personalised in the metal and carat weight  you prefer.

5. Go Chic With Chain Links

Gold bracelets for women, especially classic chain bracelets will never go out of style. If you’re craving a bit of edgy flair, look no further than these beauties. Chain bracelets effortlessly transition from day to night, adding just the right amount of attitude to your outfit. Whether you flaunt a chunky link bracelet as a statement piece or opt for a minimal design, we’re sure you'll be nailing this jewellery trend with ease.

Remember, ladies, the choice of accessories can make or break your style game. So, go ahead, load up your favourites from Angara and let your wrists do the talking! And don’t hold yourself back, layer them up, we say! You can experiment with textures and metals and put together a stack that's uniquely yours.


1. Do popular bracelets change with fashion trends and seasons?
Absolutely! Just like clothing and footwear, popular bracelet styles also change with fashion trends and seasons. Besides, some styles like diamond and tennis bracelets always remain timeless staples for a jewellery box.

2. What are the factors that influence the popularity of bracelets?
Celebrity fashion, social media and runway trends play significant roles in the popularity of bracelets. What's hot during one season might not be in the next, so it's always exciting to stay updated.

3. What are the most popular bracelet styles for gifting on special occasions?
When it comes to gifting, modern styles like personalised initials or charm bracelets are always a hit. They carry sentimental value and add a touch of personal style to any celebration.



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