5 Looks to Turn Heads This New Year's Eve

5 Looks to Turn Heads This New Year's Eve

As the year comes to a close, the last night is your golden ticket to shine and embrace glamour. Whether you find yourself at a formal dinner, dancing at a club, or indulging in some Italian takeout with close friends—your ensemble remains incomplete without the touch of exquisite jewellery.

As the curtain falls on the current year and the countdown to the new one begins, Angara invites you to feel and look your best during the new year’s eve party. Step into the night of joy and celebration with our captivating collection.

Top Glamorous Jewellery Styles to Match Your the New Year Vibes:

The Elegance of Ethnic Wear

elegance of ethnic wear

Start the year with grace by adorning yourself in traditional Indian attire. Enhance the charm of your ethnic ensemble with Angara's coloured gemstone rings. By gracefully adorning your fingers, these are sure to make you look like a diva. Complete the look with garnet earrings, echoing the vibrancy of the celebrations.

Contemporary Chic

contemporary chic

Step into the New Year with contemporary flair. Drape a wool blend coat over a chic cocktail dress, enhancing your style. Consider adorning yourself with rose gold metal jewellery to introduce a modern and edgy vibe.  Balance your look by incorporating hoop earrings, and stackable rings, making a bold statement that complements the energy of the night.

Classic Glamour in Cocktail Attire

diamond necklace

If you're embracing the glamour of cocktail parties, match the charged vibes with jewellery  that captures the essence of light.In dimly lit settings, let your jewellery stand out, especially when adorned in white gold or silver for a striking contrast. 

Add a dainty piece of diamond-necklace or coloured gemstone pendants and raise a glass to the year behind and ahead! 

Fusion Fiesta

fashion pendant

Mixing and matching styles is an art in itself. Blend traditional and contemporary elements by wearing a fusion outfit. Let Angara's fashion pendants or the deep hues of garnet steal the spotlight. Being the perfect fusion of classic and modern design, this look is an unfailing celebration of diversity and individuality.

Go Casual

drop earrings

You may want to keep things casual on December 31st with calming hues and minimal embellishments. Choose diamond studs or drop earrings, a layered necklace and a simple bracelet to match your vibe. You can try this look with your favourite overcoat, denims and pointed heels.

Ready to sparkle? Explore our collection at Angara, and ring the New Year bells in your unique style. Customise your look with us and steal the spotlight!


1. What are the trending jewellery  styles for the New Year?
As we step into the New Year, stackable rings, garnet earrings, diamond look necklaces, fashion pendants, and metal jewellery are all the rage. These styles allow you to express your unique personality while staying on-trend.

2. Are there specific gemstones or colors associated with New Year's jewellery?
While red and vibrant hues symbolize energy and passion, gemstones like garnet are particularly popular for New Year's jewellery. At Angara, our diverse range ensures you find the perfect gemstone and color to welcome the New Year in style.

3. What are some unique ways to customise jewelry for a New Year's gift?
Personalize your New Year's gift with initials, birthstones, or meaningful charms. Angara offers customisation options across our collection, allowing you to create a unique and memorable gift that resonates with the spirit of the occasion.



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