vintage-modern gold ring

Gone are the days when women's gold rings were considered tacky and over-the-top. Today, they’re all about sophistication and self-expression. Whether worn solo or in a stack, these golden beauties will effortlessly pull together your look and fetch you some serious style point.

But how did gold rings take over the accessory game? Let's dig deeper and find out…

Gold Rings as a Timeless and Versatile Fashion Accessory

It's no secret that gold jewellery has always held a special place in Indian culture, both as a symbol of prosperity and a reliable and safe investment option. Gold pieces are also often passed down through generations as family heirlooms. And we all know that no wedding or festival is complete without jewellery crafted in this timeless metal.

But for the modern Indian woman, gold jewellery isn’t just for special occasions. It’s a must-have everyday accessory! This is all because of the versatility and elegance this metal offers. gold ring designs for women effortlessly pair with formal office wear, casual fits and ethnic ensembles, and can be styled in endless ways. 

Can’t wait to build your collection but not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the trending gold ring designs and shop the ones that speak to you.

Top 7 Gold Ring Designs That Are Hot Right Now

  • Cocktail 

Big, bold and ready to turn heads! Cocktail rings with their striking centre stone and elaborate design exude a sense of opulence that’s simply impossible to ignore. These women’s statement rings are perfect for when you want to add a touch of drama to your looks.

  • Stackable Bands

Why stop at one ring, when you mix, match and create a stack that’s all you? That’s right, gold stackable bands are the most ‘fun’ jewellery pieces ever. There are no strict rules. No right or wrong. Simply throw on your rings and let them do all the talking for you.

Pro-tip: Combine rings in different styles and textures to add visual interest to your stack. 

  • Nature Inspired

All you nature lovers out there, this one’s for you! Featuring intricate nature-inspired elements such as flowers, vines, butterflies and more, these gold rings are a beautiful way to carry a piece of nature with you wherever you go. Not to forget, they are dreamy, captivating and will end up becoming the focal point of your look. 

  • Vintage Style

If you’re a fan of all things old-world, vintage rings will certainly melt your heart in an instant. While getting your hands on an actual vintage piece may be close to impossible, you can always treat yourself to vintage-inspired designs. These rings feature designs/patterns inspired from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras but are crafted in modern times.

  • Solitaire

Who doesn't love the simplicity of solitaire rings? Not us, for sure! Designed with a single coloured gemstone, diamond or pearl, these rings prove that less can truly be more. They never go out of style and make for unique engagement rings too. 

  • Customisable

Customisable rings have become a huge rage among jewellery lovers, and for a good reason. They offer a deeper level of personalisation and individuality that you could never find in an already crafted piece. Right from the gem to the metal and carat weight, you get to choose every aspect of the design and bring to life a ring that’s yours in every sense.

  • Birthstone

Another way of giving your jewellery collection a personal twist is by adding a birthstone ring. Each month has a specific gemstone associated with it, and wearing your birthstone allows you to carry the unique symbolism and energy of that gem with you. 

Loved our suggestions? Whether you're all about those dreamy vintage vibes or want to hop on the stacking trend, we’ve got the perfect gold ring designs for women waiting for you. Explore our collection and shop away!


1. Are vintage style engagement rings still popular?

Without a doubt, vintage style engagement rings continue to rule the roost. They are the perfect picks for couples looking for one-of-a-kind and elaborate designs.

2. Where can I get modern jewellery online?
Not to brag, but Angara has some of the chicest jewellery designs online. Go, check them out now!

3. What are some unique ring designs?
Some unique ring designs that have been trending for some time now include solitaires, cocktails and stackable bands.