Holi Jewellery: The Perfect Gemstone Palette To Compliment Your Holi Mood

Holi Jewellery: The Perfect Gemstone Palette To Compliment Your Holi Mood

As spring blooms and colors paint the world, it's time to spruce up your look and add a splash of color to your jewellery collection.

With a myriad of colours everywhere, why not add some inner hues with vibrant coloured gemstone jewellery? 

Here are the top 5 most vibrant colour palettes to pair up with just anything! 

Holi Hai !! 

Holi, a vibrant celebration with loved ones, is a time to immerse yourself in joy and leave your cares behind. As you dress for the occasion, remember to adorn yourself with holi jewellery that sparkles with the same joy and radiance as the festivities. 

Calmy Blues Palette:

Calmy Blue Palette

For a classic white kurta and denim look, add brightness to it with the serene tones of blue gemstones. Opt for tranquil Aquamarine earrings paired with a Swiss Blue Topaz pendant necklace and a Blue Sapphire ring for a minimalist touch. Add extra flair by stacking fashion rings or choose Tanzanite jewellery for a pop of vibrancy.

The watery-serene blue tones are ideal for the early hours of the day, reflecting calmness and inner peace. If you resonate with tranquility, this palette is perfect for you.

Nature's Green Palette:

Nature's Green Palette

For a summer dress or a Salwar Suit  in yellow, green, red, or orange hues — natural green gemstone jewellery is the perfect complement. Enhance your look with a gold pendant adorned with emerald gemstones, paired with coordinated bangles or hoop earrings, to achieve the stunning awe-inspiring look you desire.

If you're in a playful mood and wanna hop and dance under the sun and tree shades, opt for the natural green palette. Wear it while the sun is moving overhead and get drenched in organic colours that don't harm your skin or dress.

Blossoming Floral Palette: 

Blossoming Floral Palette

If you've chosen the ‘Gulabi Sharara’ this spring season, make sure it's the talk of the gathering with a fashion necklace or some pink gemstone jewellery. Pick your favourite design with gemstones like Morganite, Pink Sapphire or Amethyst to match your delicate outfit. The brilliant hues of these gemstones perfectly complement the playful colors of the day. And yes, don't forget to add a baby pink lip-gloss to match the sparkle! 

If you wanna play it cute then splash some sparkle, colours or petals maybe! 

Timeless Classic Palette: 

Timeless Classic Palette

As the evening approaches, it's time for those special visits to your loved ones. Don't let your fashion statement fade; instead, end the festivities with style and grace. Consider opting diamond initial pendants or statement jewellery for a minimalistic look. For a modern touch, pair Black Onyx or Fiery Opal earrings with a Moonstone pendant necklace to perfect your festive ensemble. Team up your silk Kurti with palazzo pants and accessorize to your heart's content!

If you're drawn to the allure of the moon and stars, this classic charm will keep you shining bright during evening strolls as you exchange seasonal greetings.

Bold Red Palette:

Bold Red Palette

For the night festivities, classic and ethnic attire is the way to go. If you've chosen a saree, opt for a two-toned silk drape paired with a ruby-studded necklace and matching danglers. Get ready to turn heads as the shimmering gold complements the rich tones of rubies, citrines, or garnets, reflecting the bonfire's brilliance. 

Fire is within each one of us. But if you are the rebel spirit — bold and charming—you can't afford to miss out on this palette. Let the bonfire outside serve as a reminder of the unextinguishable fire within you. Charm it with the perfect dazzle! 

Celebrate this Holi with style, flair, and a splash of colour! Explore our website for even more exquisite choices and palettes beyond these staples, and customize them to your heart's content. 

Wishing you and your family a joyful and colourful Holi!


1. What kind of jewellery goes well with traditional Holi attire?
Jewellery pieces in vibrant colors like yellow, pink, blue, green, and red can beautifully complement traditional Holi attire, adding a colorful touch to your ensemble and enhancing the festive spirit.

2. Can I wear statement jewellery for Holi celebrations?
Absolutely! Statement jewellery is a staple for every occasion, and with a pop of gemstone vibrance, these would uphold the classy vibes while keeping the show vibrant!


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