Top 5 Contemporary Pendant Necklace Styles In 2024: Birthstones, Initials, Cross Pendants And More!

Top 5 contemporary pendant style

Hey your neckline feels empty — guess you would like some pendant inspiration for your jewellery hunt, right? 

You're in the right place, as today we're gonna talk about the latest in trend pendant styles in fine jewellery, that the internet is going crazy about! 

Ready to explore? You sure are! 

Top 5 Contemporary Pendant Styles

We love to see you flaunting those delicate gold chains around our neck— but it's time to pick a dainty pendant that'll compliment your personality and vibes. So here we go…

1. Birthstone Pendants

Birthdays are no longer about the bash and cakes. The new generation wants it more elegant and sparkling— that's how the birthstones are gaining popularity in 2024.  

P.S: if you're on Geet’s tribe living her phrase “mai toh apni favourite hu”— then birthstone pendants are a must-have for you!

Not sure what your birthstone is and what it signifies? No worries, here's the list for you: 

January: Garnet (passion, strength)

February: Amethyst (peace, wisdom)

March: Aquamarine (clarity, courage)

April: Diamond (eternal love, commitment)

May: Emerald (growth, hope)

June: Pearl (purity, innocence)

July: Ruby (passion, energy)

August: Peridot (happiness, good fortune)

September: Sapphire (wisdom, truth)

October: Opal (creativity, joy)

November: Citrine (abundance, positivity)

December: Tanzanite (luxury, prosperity)

Try and experiment with birthstone pendants featuring different cuts, like a pear-shaped emerald for a touch of vintage flair, or a baguette-cut gemstone for a modern edge.  You can even personalise it further with a halo design featuring tiny diamonds for added sparkle.

Sparkling Tip: Coordinate birthstone pendants with your BFFs or significant other to celebrate your special connection. You both can either match your stones or better, can flaunt a two-stone birthstone pendant!

2. Initial Pendants

Minimalism is major this year, and what's more minimalist (and chic) than your initial?  An initial diamond pendant is a subtle way to show off your personality or celebrate someone special.  Plus, it layers beautifully with other necklaces for a stacked and stylish look that's as trending as ever! And the best part? Initial pendants offer endless personalisation possibilities. Choose a dainty, script-style initial for a touch of delicate charm, or opt for a bold, block letter for a statement piece. You can even find lab-grown diamond initial pendants adorned with gemstones or birthstones for a personalised touch.

3. Minimalist Pendants

Sometimes, the most impactful pieces are the simplest. Just like your dainty gold chain, delicate solitaire diamond pendants are the epitome of "less is more." The simple sparkle of a single, well-cut diamond adds instant glam to any outfit, day or night.  

Pro tip: Consider a lab-grown diamond pendant for a more ethical and budget-friendly option.  These beauties are just as sparkly and stunning, without the hefty price tag!

4. Faith Pendants

Reach for the stars with religious symbols. These timeless pieces offer a way to connect with your spirituality and express your beliefs. 

Take for example, the popular Cross pendants

They come in a variety of styles, from classic crucifixes to more modern interpretations. For a modern twist, try a delicate cross pendant adorned with a colored gemstone or a unique design. You can find them crafted from precious metals, adorned with gemstones, or even featuring intricate engravings.

This trend isn't limited to religious symbols!  Explore pendants featuring celestial motifs like crescent moons, stars, or even constellations representing your zodiac sign. 

5. Charm Pendants

Ward off negativity and embrace good vibes with charm pendants like the evil eye or the Hamsa hand. These ancient symbols are believed to protect the wearer from misfortune and bring good luck.

These pendants come in a variety of colors and styles, with the traditional blue eye being the most popular. You can find them in various colour and styles, and can customise them to your preferences. 

Bonus Tip

Sustainability is stunning, and lab-grown diamond jewellery is the hottest eco-conscious trend. They sparkle just as brightly as mined diamonds but have a smaller environmental footprint. So you can look good and feel good knowing your necklace love is kind to the planet.

In case you're wondering where to find them— Angara sells premium graded lab grown diamond jewellery online. Explore our wide range of diamond jewellery online and reach out for special customisation requests. Every piece can be customised and be re-crafted with a lab-grown option so that you have a fresh, and more eco-conscious buying experience. 

So there you have it!  The top 5 pendant necklace styles to elevate your look in 2024.  

Feeling inspired to add some sparkle to your collection? Buy lab grown diamonds online in India with Angara! 


1. Do lab-grown diamonds need to be cut? 
Absolutely! Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds need to be expertly cut to unleash their brilliance.

2. Why choose lab-grown diamond pendants? 
There are many reasons! Lab-grown diamond jewellery offers a beautiful, ethical, and often more affordable alternative to mined diamonds. They sparkle just as brightly and come with the peace of mind of knowing they haven't harmed the environment.


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