From Desk to Drinks: Versatile Jewellery Pieces for Your Busy Workday

versatile jewellery pieces

Ever feel like you live two lives? The morning grind at the office, then a whirlwind transformation into your fabulous social self for after-work drinks? Yeah, we get you. Between those worlds lies the struggle – how do you transition seamlessly without a complete outfit overhaul?

Let's find out…

Workwear Staples 101: Classic and Minimalist

Well, a boardroom isn't the place for flashy baubles. Classic and minimalist pieces are your best friends here. Pieces like the delicate Angara diamond stud earrings that sparkle subtly, or a fine chain with a simple pendant. These add a touch of polish without screaming for attention.

But wait, a little personality never hurts anyone! Spruce up your professional attire with Angara gemstone earrings in muted tones like morganite, amethyst or emerald. Or, add a touch of edge with geometric shapes that stay office-appropriate with a pop of colour that also fits your evening self.

And remember, material matters! Opt for high-quality Angara diamonds and gemstone jewellery set in durable metals like gold or platinum. These pieces can withstand a busy day and become cherished companions for years to come.

Styling Tips For The Workspace:

  • Wear less to appeal more: Keep your office jewellery simple and elegant— pick delicate Angara rings and chains, or small studs. No jhankaar for boardroom meetings!

  • Match your metals: Oxidised silver or white gold jewellery goes well with kurtas and salwar kameez, while classic yellow gold complements silk sarees beautifully.

  • Maintain the balance: Statement earrings? Skip the necklace. Big bangles? Opt for a simple pendant. You don't want to jingle all the way to the printer!

  • Complement your outfit: A collared blouse looks great with a delicate pendant, while a high-necked kurti can be complemented by statement earrings.

  • Skip the bling for big meetings: Keep it professional and polished during presentations or client interactions. Save the flashy pieces for after-work drinks!

  • Have a signature style: A small pendant with a meaningful symbol or a colourful statement ring can add a touch of you to your workwear. You can add your signature lapel pin with your initial, wear your birthstone or zodiac sign as your unique symbol. Just don't go overboard!

Tips for Choosing Versatile Pieces: 

  • Consider your work environment: Is it a conservative suit-and-tie kind of place, or a more relaxed business casual setting? Tailor your jewellery choices to the dress code. For example: diamond stud earrings would look absolutely gorgeous with a red or black blazer while gemstones can be paired well with your casual western and Indian attires.

Check out this Diamond Studded Chevron Necklace— the perfect glam that suit every style!

  • Think Comfort and Confidence: There's nothing worse than fidgeting with an itchy bracelet or ring during a presentation. Choose pieces that feel natural and allow you to focus on your boss moves. Make sure you choose the perfect fit for yourself while making the purchase.
    Click here to check out how to measure your ring size at home. And, in case of buying rings, use the Angara ring size tool for the correct measurement.

  • Invest in Quality Basics: A few well-chosen delicate Angara rings, a pendant necklace, and a thin bangle can be mixed and matched to create endless looks.

Check out this subtle elegance: Solitaire Heart Aquamarine and Diamond Chevron Ring

Work It, Wear It, Own It!

Versatile jewellery isn't just about convenience – it's about expressing yourself with confidence. Angara offers a stunning collection of diamonds, gemstones, and high-quality settings, allowing you to create a signature style that transitions effortlessly from desk to drinks. Plus you can further personalise your jewellery with birthstones, zodiacs, and engravings!

Feeling inspired? Shop our collection and discover how the versatile jewellery from Angara India can elevate your everyday style!


1. How To Check My Ring Size At Home?
Grab a piece of string or floss and wrap it snugly around the base of your chosen finger. Mark the spot where it overlaps with a pen. Then, unwind the string and measure the distance in millimeters using a ruler. Look up Angara's ring size chart online that converts millimeters to standard ring sizes.

2. How To Know The Real Diamond?
There are several ways to identify a real diamond, but it's best left to the professionals. Look for a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gemological laboratory like GIA or IGI when purchasing diamonds. Angara provides certificates with all every jewellery piece, ensuring you receive a genuine stone.

3. How To Buy A Solitaire?
Solitaire rings feature a single diamond as the centerpiece. When buying a solitaire, consider factors like the diamond's cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight (the 4Cs).


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