Top 6 Opal Earrings You Can't Miss To Have!

Top 6 Opal Earrings You Can't Miss To Have!

In love pearl & diamond earrings? Then get ready to fall head over heels for opal earrings too! 

With the luster of freshwater pearls and the versatility of diamonds, opals bring a whole new level of vibrancy to your jewelry collection.

Opal earrings are the perfect accessory for any occasion, effortlessly lighting up your look from casual to formal. Whether you're wearing a bold red dress or a sleek black ensemble, opals add a flickering and fiery touch that add a touch of mesmerizing opulence to your look. 

We present to you the season's finest opal earrings—gleaming and vibrant to complement your boldness! 

Solitaire Opal Drop Earrings

Each opal, with its mesmerizing play of color, casts a spellbinding glow that dances with every movement. Add a touch of glamour to your next soirée or cocktail party by pairing these enchanting earrings with a sleek cocktail dress. Watch as your dazzle dances with every move and reflects light with every flip of hair! 

Bezel Set Round Opal Earrings 

Crafted to perfection in the most beloved shape of all time. Sized just right for a touch of tradition, they complement every face shape and occasion with effortless elegance. The circular gold frame beautifully showcases the fiery colors of the gemstone, casting a spell of grace and pure magic wherever you go. 

Pear Opal Drop Earrings with Diamond

An opal solitaire shines on its own, but imagine the added charm a diamond could bring— It's a double dazzle! Whether paired with a graceful Georgette black saree or a shimmering black bodycon dress, they are the perfect starry match for your night outs and cocktail parties. 

Round & Oval Opal

Featuring two fiery opal gemstones in different shapes, adorned with a charming ribbon knot design, these earrings are just what you need for your kitty parties and birthday celebrations. Pair them with pastel-colored ribbed dresses for an extra dose of cuteness and charm. These would be a double dose of cuteness for sure!

Solitaire Pear Opal Swirl Stud Earrings with Diamond Accents

Adorned with 14 Grade A opals in a delicate prong setting, these earrings exude subtle elegance. Their teardrop shape effortlessly catches the spotlight, while the sparkling diamond accents add a touch of charm. Perfect for both casual brunches and office wear, these earrings are sure to elevate any outfit with their timeless beauty.

How to Clean and Care for Opal Earrings: 

  • Clean solid opal earrings gently with mild detergent and warm water using a soft toothbrush or cloth; avoid bleach and harsh chemicals.

  • For doublets or triplets, wipe them with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent, but do not soak or immerse them.

  • Store opal earrings in a padded cloth bag or cotton wool with a few drops of water in a sealed plastic bag to maintain humidity levels.

  • Avoid exposing opal earrings to extreme temperatures to prevent expansion and cracking of the gemstone.

  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals, bleach, or ultrasonic cleaners on opal jewellery to preserve its quality.

  • Take precautions during activities to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on opal earrings and avoid damage.

Angara offers a range of exquisite coloured gemstone jewellery options handcrafted with precision. And with BIS hallmark and a 15-day money-back guarantee, shopping for opals has never been more delightful. But wait, there's more! Dive into our website to explore a treasure trove of opal jewellery beyond earrings, and let your inner radiance shine with every wear.


1. What makes opal earrings unique compared to other gemstone earrings?
Opal earrings are unique due to their unique play of colors and patterns, created by light interacting with silica spheres within the stone.

2. Are opals suitable for everyday wear, or are they more suited for special occasions?
Opals are versatile enough to be worn for both everyday use and special occasions. However, their delicate nature calls for careful handling to prevent damage over time.

3. Can opal earrings be customized or personalized according to individual preferences?
For those seeking a truly personalized touch, opal earrings can be customized according to individual preferences. This includes choosing the type of opal (white, black, boulder, crystal), earring style, setting design, gemstone carat, metal type, and other personal preferences, allowing for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery tailored to individual tastes.


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