How To Choose Opal Earrings Based On Face Shape? Style Tips For A Flattering Wear

opal earrings based on face cut

Opal earrings are a conversation starter but, have you ever spent hours browsing earrings, only to find they don't quite flatter your face shape? You're not alone! 

The perfect pair of opal earrings can elevate your entire look, but the wrong ones can feel like showing up to a party in mismatched socks. But fret no more! This blog is your ultimate guide to choosing earrings that make your face say "Yassss Queen!" 

Ready to find your perfect match?  

The Face Fundamentals: 

It all comes down to finding the perfect balance between the shape of your face and the style of the earrings. So, the first things first: Figure out your face shape. Grab a mirror and your detective hat (or a ponytail if hats are too much effort). Now, trace the outline of your face. 

Does it resemble…

An Oval? You lucky girl! Oval faces are considered universally flattering, meaning you can rock almost any style of opal earring. From delicate opal studs to dramatic opal dangle earrings, and everything you feel pretty putting on! 

A Round?  The goal here is to elongate your face. Opt for opal earrings that are longer than they are wider, like teardrops or dangly styles. These will draw the eye vertically and create a more balanced look.

You can go with this Pear-Shaped Opal Solitaire Drop Earrings to bring on the effect. 

A Heart?  Similar to round faces, aim for lengthening features.  Heart-shaped faces benefit from styles that add width at the jawline.  Think pear-shaped or triangular opals, or even chandelier earrings that widen towards the bottom.

Choosing this Pear Opal Drop Earrings with Bezel Diamond is simply a no-brainer for you! 

A Square? Soften those sharp angles! Round or curved opal earrings will complement your strong jawline. Hoops (especially oval or teardrop hoops) and cluster earrings are fantastic choices.

Or is it Long?  Balance is key! Avoid long and skinny earrings that will further elongate your face. Opt for wider styles like bold studs, opal solitaires, hoops, or even clusters.

Try out this Bezel Set Opal Concentric Circle Stud Earrings to give out that Diana effect! 

Some extra tips:

For the round faces:  Avoid button studs, they'll get lost. Go for longer earrings to add some length.

For the long faces:  Skip super long danglers, they'll just make your face appear even longer. Studs or shorter danglers are your BFFs.

Remember, these are just tips! The most important thing is to pick earrings that make YOU feel fabulous. So have fun, experiment, and don't be afraid to break the "rules." After all, true beauty is about rocking what makes you shine (like an opal, hopefully!).

Are Opals Considered Fragile For Earrings?

Opals can be a bit on the delicate side for earrings, but it's not all doom and gloom! They have a hardness similar to glass i.e., 5.5 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale (which is basically a ranking system for how easily things scratch). So, they're not the most hardcore gems out there.

Did You Know? 

Opals actually contain water, which is part of what makes them so beautiful. But it also makes them a tad more prone to cracking if they get super dry or banged around too much.

So the next time somebody asks you “Water you waiting for?” — you can flick those stunning Opal earrings and share the knowledge! 

The Most Popular Types Of Opal Earrings

The Classics: 

Studs: Tiny pops of opal perfection just like little spotlights for your lobes—perfect for everyday wear or adding a touch of elegance to an evening look. But unlike your average boring stud, opal studs earrings come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so you can find a pair that reflects your unique personality. 

Hoops: These never go out of style, and with opals added to the mix, they become conversation starters. They come in all sizes, from huggie hoops that whisper "elegance" to larger hoops that say "party time!”

Dangles: Calling all the chandelier and dangly earring lovers! They come in infinite varieties, from delicate teardrops to cascading clusters of opals. Warning: Excessive compliments may occur when wearing these showstoppers.

Beyond the Basics:

Cluster Earrings: These are like tiny opal galaxies sparkling on your ears. Multiple opals or a diamond cluster with Opal as centre stone, come together to create a dazzling effect. It's perfect for office wear and for those who want to make a statement.

Button Backs: Fancy a vintage vibe? Button back earrings add a touch of old-world charm.  Just be a little extra careful when putting them on and off –  you don't want those precious opals going anywhere!

Lever Backs:  These are the ultimate comfort earrings, especially for those with sensitive ears. The lever back closure clicks securely into place, so you can wear your opals all day without worry.

There are countless other styles out there, from geometric shapes to organic freeforms. The key is to select earrings that exude confidence and make you feel utterly fabulous. 

So go forth, explore, and find your perfect pair of opal earrings!

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How To Care For Opal Earrings? 

Be gentle: Avoid wearing your opal earrings during roughhousing activities or when you know you might bump your ears a lot. Save them for fancy occasions or everyday wear when you're being a bit more careful.

Store them with care: Don't just toss your opal earrings in a jewellery box with other gems. They could get scratched. A separate pouch or compartment is ideal.


1. Which is the best setting for opal earrings? 
Look for earrings with bezels (the metal rim around the opal) that offer good protection. Studs are generally safer than dangly bits that flop around more.

2. Which zodiac is opal gemstone for?
Opal is for October babies, and Libra zodiacs.

3. Who should wear an opal?
Anyone can rock opals. However, Astrologers say it complements Venus-ruled signs who crave beauty and harmony like Libra and Taurus. 

4. What is special about opal jewellery?
Opal jewelry's magic lies in its color-shifting brilliance. It's like wearing a tiny rainbow that changes with the light!


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