Infinity v/s Floral Jewellery: Which Is More Popular?

Floral vs Infinity

Obsessed with all things trendy? Us too!  And right now, statement pendants are having a major moment. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you decide? Today, we're putting two of our hottest collections head-to-head: Infinity vs. Floral!  

Which one will win your heart (and your neckline)?  Let's find out. 

Infinity Jewellery 

The Infinity collection isn't just for hopeless romantics, though they'd definitely rock it!  This collection transcends trends with its timeless symbol. The infinity symbol whispers of endless possibilities, reminding you to chase your dreams and embrace the lifelong connections you hold dear. Plus, the sleek and minimalist design makes it a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast! 

Meaning & Symbolism: 

The infinity symbol, often portrayed as a figure eight lying on its side, has captivated mathematicians and philosophers for centuries.  In ancient times, it represented concepts like wholeness, eternity, and the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. Today, infinity jewellery embodies a multitude of meanings.  Love is a popular interpretation, symbolising an everlasting bond between two people.  For others, it represents personal growth, a reminder that possibilities are endless.  It can also signify strength and resilience, a loop that never breaks.


The infinity symbol's origins stretch back centuries, appearing in mathematical texts and even ancient art. While its exact origin remains a mystery, some believe it evolved from an ancient serpent biting its own tail, representing cyclical eternity. Mathematicians later adopted it to represent infinity, the concept of something boundless and unending. However, its modern interpretation as a symbol of eternity solidified around the 17th century.

Styling Tips: 

The beauty of the Infinity collection lies in its versatility. The sleek, minimalist design seamlessly integrates into any outfit.  For example , you can  wear a simple infinity ring on your finger. Opt for a delicate white gold band for a minimalist look, or choose a bolder design with intricate engravings or gemstones. 

Embrace a more contemporary style with longer infinity dangle earrings that adds a touch of movement and drama to your look. Pair them with sleek hair pulled back for a chic vibe.

Layering Tip: Layer your infinity necklace with chains of varying lengths. A delicate chain with a small infinity pendant sits beautifully beneath a chunky chain with a larger pendant.

Stacking Tip: Infinity rings are stacking superstars! Combine your infinity ring with other meaningful bands like birthstone rings or promise rings. Mix metals, textures, and widths for a visually intriguing stack.

Thinking outside the box? 

Wear your infinity ring on your thumb for a bold, statement-making look.

Curious if the infinity Rings would make for a perfect engagement ring? Check out this blog for a deeper dive: Infinity Rings: Meaning and Symbolism 

Floral Jewellery 

Floral jewellery is the freshest trend, blossoming with beauty and bursting with color. Check out our website for fine floral earrings, rings, and pendants that capture the essence of springtime with delicate details and vibrant hues.


Believe it or not, wearing flowers as jewellery isn't a new trend. People have been rocking floral vibes for centuries!   

Why flowers? Because they're like tiny explosions of color and life! Back in the 1800s, everyone was super into plants and poetry (Romantics, much?), so naturally, jewellery reflected that. Delicate flower pins and sparkling diamond blooms (fancy, right?!) were all the rage. 

Fast forward to today, and floral jewellery is cooler than ever. Oh not those grandma's rose brooch! Designers are getting creative with flowers, making them bold, modern, dazzling with gemstones and sometimes even a little abstract that make these pieces totally Instagram-worthy.

Meaning and Symbolism: 

Forget diamonds for a sec - in India, flowers are the real gems! Worn for centuries, they symbolise everything from new beginnings and love to the beauty and power of nature itself.

Flowers aren't just decorations in Indian jewellery, they're bursting with symbolism!

Even today, floral fine jewellery is a way to connect with nature's beauty and show off your unique style.  It's a timeless choice that says a lot about who you are, without needing a single word.  

Did You Know? 

Victorian Flowers Talked!

The Victorians, known for their reserved ways, had a secret language of love: flowers! A red rose? Passionate proposal. Lily? Pure devotion. Violet? Whispered ‘hey, I'm loyal and modest to you’. This "floriography" lets admirers express their deepest feelings without a single word. 

Flowers were a discreet way to express hidden feelings, a whole floral chatting before the internet (and way more romantic)!

Styling Tips: 

Floral jewellery is all about versatility, so let your creativity run wild! Here are some tips and tricks to make your floral pieces truly shine:

Mix and Match Metals: Don't be afraid to mix silver and gold! Pair your floral pendant with a chain, bracelet or a floral halo ring in the opposite metal for a fresh, bohemian vibe.

For Some Vintage Vibes: Feeling nostalgic? Pair your vintage floral earrings  with a simple dress for timeless elegance. Bonus points for a full-on flower power look with a floral maxi dress!

Layering Tips: Floral pendants were practically made for layering! Stack a delicate one with a bolder statement necklace for added depth and dimension.

At the end always remember— It's your garden, style it your way!

Which One Is Better? 

Still stuck between infinity and floral fine jewellery? It all boils down to the vibe you want to capture!

Infinity jewellery speaks volumes about commitment and unwavering devotion. It's perfect for those who cherish endless possibilities, unwavering determination, or simply want to say, "I'm here with you, forever."

Floral pieces, on the other hand, burst with spring vibes. They're ideal for free spirits who radiate gentle strength and grace. Imagine gifting it with the message, "You're the most beautiful flower I'd ever want to care for."

So, the choice is yours! Do you want to represent unwavering commitment or embrace the delicate beauty of a forever-blooming spirit?

Bonus Tip:  

Don't be afraid to mix and match! Layer an infinity necklace with a delicate floral pendant for a unique, layered look.

Ready to find your perfect pendant?  Head over to our website and explore both the Infinity and Floral collections.  Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite piece!


1. What does an infinity ring symbolise?
Everlasting love, commitment, or a bond that never ends.

2. Which collection tends to appeal more to those who prefer classic styles?
Infinity jewellery, with its timeless and symbolic design.

3. Which collection is more versatile in terms of styling options?
Floral jewellery, with its diverse range of shapes, colors, and the ability to mix metals.


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