Dussehra 2023: Jewellery Styling Tips You Shouldn’t Miss!

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You're probably swamped with a million things this festive season. From giving your house a good scrub-down to hunting for the perfect gifts, it may feel like there's no end to your to-do list.

While you may have your looks planned for all your card parties and social gatherings, it’s the jewellery you choose that can instantly elevate your outfits. And let's be honest, the last thing you want is to spend hours scouring the internet for festive jewellery. So, let us make this daunting task a breeze for you! 

Whether you're rocking a gorgeous saree or keeping it simple with a kurta set, we've got some jewellery tips that will take your Dussehra look to the next level in no time.

Jewellery Styling Tips for Dussehra

  • Choose a Pair of Statement Earrings

When it comes to adding some serious sparkle to your Dussehra attire, nothing beats a striking pair of coloured gemstone or diamond statement earrings. These beauties are perfect for both your friend's card party or a grand family shindig.

For your ethnic outfits, opt for emerald or blue sapphire statement danglers or drops that will have heads turning wherever you go. And if you're rocking an Indo-western look with a crop top and skirt or a chic brocade kurta, diamond earrings in a contemporary design will be just right.

  • Mix and Match Trendy Bracelets

Wrist accessories are often overlooked, but believe us, they can add some serious finesse to your festive look. Bracelet stacks make a great option, especially if you’re someone who doesn't typically wear jewellery. 

We suggest you combine bracelets in different colours, textures and metals to create an interesting visual effect. You could also choose your wrist candies in colours that complement each other and your outfit. While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw on a statement piece for maximum impact. 

  • Let Your Rings Do the Talking

Feeling overwhelmed about all the events you have to attend? Here's a stylish solution for you: gemstone rings, the perfect conversation starter!

If you're a fan of gemstone jewellery, our ruby and garnet rings are sure to delight you. Whether you're dressed in an embellished saree or an anarkali set, these sparklers will add an extra touch of colour and glamour to your look. Is your style more low-key? Then, diamond or turquoise rings from our collection are sure to win your heart. 

  • Bring Out Your Chic Necklaces 

Want to dazzle up your festive look? Add some stylish necklaces to your ensemble!

For those planning to don traditional sarees this Dussehra, a pearl necklace can add a touch of old-school charm to your look. And if you're flaunting a lehenga choli, an emerald necklace or any other necklace with your favourite gems is sure to put the spotlight on you. You can also consider layering multiple necklaces for a unique touch.

So, whether you're embracing tradition with your outfit choices or giving them a contemporary twist, these jewellery styling tips are sure to transform your festive look and make you the star of any celebration.


1. Are there any guidelines form mixing metals or gemstones for Dussehra?
There aren’t any rules as such. But we suggest you choose a dominant metal and pick accents in complementary metal tones for a balanced look. When choosing gemstones, pick those that complement each other as well as your outfit.

2. Can you recommend some versatile jewellery options that can be worn beyond the festival season?
Classic pieces like a minimal gold chain, stud earrings or a dainty bracelet can be your everyday companions even after the festival season.

3. Can you recommend budget-friendly jewellery options for last-minute styling?
Angara has a range of budget-friendly jewellery. In our collection, you will find beautiful pieces that won't break the bank but will still make you shine during the festivities



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