Why Choose Two Stone Rings for Your Special Day? Meaning, Symbolism, and Popular Toi et Moi Designs

Why Choose Two Stone Rings for Your Special Day? Meaning, Symbolism, and Popular Toi et Moi Designs

Can't pick between a princess or round-cut center stone? Don't sweat it!  

Why choose between one of your favorite stones when you can have both? With the  two-stone rings, you can  have the best of both worlds without any compromises. It's luxe, versatile and is packed with meaning and symbolisms!  

Interesting right? Let's delve deeper into the meaning, symbolism and popular two stone designs. 

Let's begin! 

What Does A Two Stone Ring Symbolise?

Simply put, a double-stone ring design represents the bond between two people. The two gems sitting together or close to each other symbolise two souls becoming one. It's like the popular bollywood phrase “Do Dil ek jaan” coming to life. These rings come in all shapes, colour and sizes, just like the relationships they symbolise. And if you're a libra zodiac, in that case, you have a ring that speaks to your soul! Why? B’coz just as couples balance each other out, the stones in these rings complement each other perfectly.

Here are a few features of a two-stone ring:

  • These rings showcase two main gemstones, often diamonds, placed side by side.

  • They can be a matching pair or mix it up with different shapes like round, pear, or oval.

  • The stones symbolise the couple becoming "one" or represent both individuals in the relationship.

  • Forget the usual, these rings offer a fresh twist and catch the eye with their unique design.

  • They offer flexibility for couples to customize the stones to their liking.

Did You Know? 

A two stone ring is sometimes called "toi et moi," which is French for "you and me." These rings actually have quite a history, dating all the way back to the 18th century. 

And well, it's the 21st century and they're making a huge comeback, popping up on fingers left and right! 

The Most Popular Two Stone Ring Styles

Two Stone Heart Diamond Bypass Ring

If you're on the hunt to express your love, you can't miss out on this trending Two Stone Heart Diamond Bypass Ring. The ring consists of two heart-shaped diamonds, with brilliant round diamond accents along the band for an extra sparkle. The two hearts are set in such a way that they seem to lean into each other, almost as if sharing a secret. How intimate! This unique design symbolises the beautiful unity and deep bond between two hearts.

Gemstones’ toi et moi Rings: 

Diamonds are girl's best friends, yes, but gemstones too, help them steal the show! Vibrant and colourful— gemstone two stone rings are the new obsession on the internet. You can always choose your favourite burst of colour according to your personality and merge on. You can also choose the gemstone according to your zodiac sign like the Cushion & Trillion Tanzanite Sagittarius Two Stone Ring or mix match other gemstones to wrap your duality around your finger! 

Birthstone Two-stone Rings

If there's that one day that's close to our hearts, it has to be a ‘birthday’. Be it yours or the special day of your partner— or both! You can simply choose the birthstones and viola! The perfect birthstone 'toi et moi’ ring is ready with the most special symbolism! Or you can simply carry your birthstone and tie them into a bow like this Two Stone Trillion Amethyst Bow Tie Ring design to feel special everyday! 

Adjustable Toi Et Moi Rings: 

Figuring out your partner’s ring size can be quite the puzzle, and we get it! But with these amazing adjustable rings, sizing becomes a worry of the past. Check out this Two-Stone Diamond Open Ring or the Twist 2 Stone Diamond Promise Ring for a fit-free experience! And if you wanna have some extra sparkle, go for this Bezel-Set Double Diamond Bypass Ring - with diamond accents along the band, it's the perfect gesture of love without spoiling the surprise!

Two Stone Infinity Rings: 

You can say “we're in this together, forever” loud and proud with this double-packed ring design. The two-stone symbolism ties the knot of love with the infinity style to make it a Two Stone Diamond Infinity Knot Ring. And if you're after a tighter grip on that eternal bond, check out the Two Stone Diamond Infinity Knot Ring with Prong Set— it's the perfect symbol of your forever love!

If you're looking for something unique but not too flashy, a two stone engagement ring featuring a classic white diamond paired with a vibrant gemstone is the best option. Plus, our exclusive customisation options are always at your service! 

So why wait? you're in full control of your ring's style— go ahead, make it as unique as you are!


1. Can an engagement ring have two stones?
Offcourse! an engagement ring can have two stones. This style of ring is known as a "two-stone engagement ring" or a "toi et moi" ring.

2. What is the meaning of two stone rings?
A two stone ring, sometimes referred to as toi et moi (French for you and me). The two central gemstones that sit side by side or close to each other symbolise two souls becoming one.


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