Your Guide to the Finest Solitaire Rings in 2024

solitaire rings

Ever caught yourself daydreaming about that perfect, jaw-dropping solitaire ring? Well, buckle up because we're about to spill the beans on the absolute best ones in 2024. 

Trust us; you're going to want a front-row seat for this dazzling journey into elegance. 

Ready to dive in?

What Is A Solitaire Diamond Ring? 

A single diamond, a singular focus – it's the hallmark of classic engagement ring designs that transcend trends. Solitaires aren't just for engagements; their timeless beauty makes them a go-to choice for various settings and occasions.

Why opt for a solitaire, you ask? Well, it's classic and timeless – perfect if you like to keep it elegant. It's for you if you believe in letting a single, stunning diamond speak volumes. 

Your love story deserves a symbol as extraordinary as the journey itself, and that's precisely what a solitaire diamond ring brings to the table. Here are 5 undeniable reasons to pick solitaire diamonds in 2024:

  • Their timeless beauty ensures they remain a go-to choice across various settings.
  • The enduring popularity of solitaires transcends trends, making them a favourite across generations.
  • Solitaire rings go beyond aesthetics, representing purity with the clear, unblemished appearance of the diamond.
  • The single diamond symbolises unwavering commitment and acts as a timeless expression of eternal love.
  • As tangible assets, solitaires hold global recognition and acceptance, ensuring enduring value.

Top Solitaire Rings Choice in 2024

Diamond Solitaire with Diamond Band

Typically set in a prong or bezel setting, this engagement ring captivates with its simplicity and brilliance. Chosen mostly as an engagement ring, this solitaire setting allows the focus to be on the centre stone, creating a striking and eye-catching look. The diamond band adds that extra touch of opulence, making it a piece of jewellery that tells a story – your story.

Six Prong-Set Solitaire Diamond Bypass Promise Ring

Bypass Round Diamond Spiral Solitaire Ring: 

The bypass round diamond spiral solitaire ring is a distinctive design, featuring a captivating spiral pattern with a central round diamond solitaire. Some variations may also feature additional diamond accents on the band or a two-tone design with rose gold and white gold.  More than just a ring, it's about carrying your heart on your finger—an exquisite blend of style and sentiment.

Bypass Round Diamond Spiral Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Round Diamond Infinity Promise Ring: 

The diamond here is set in a bezel setting, which is sleek and modern. This ring's unique feature, the infinity twist, adds a graceful and dynamic element to its modern design. Two golden bands elegantly intertwine, visually representing the interconnected lives of a devoted couple. Whether worn solo for an understated touch of elegance or stacked for a personalised and stunning look, this ring serves as a symbolic reminder of enduring commitment and the promise of a lifetime together.

Solitaire Round Diamond Infinity Promise Ring

Solitaire Diamond Floral Ring

Crafted with precision, the round diamond is mathematically designed to reflect maximum light, earning its status as a time-honored choice for engagement rings. This floral solitaire engagement ring, distinguished by its classic and versatile design, effortlessly accentuates the central diamond. Offered in natural white, rose, and yellow gold options, this ring provides a canvas for personalization, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your preferences.

Solitaire Diamond Floral Ring

Shop The Best From Angara 

At Angara, we guarantee genuine, top-quality gemstones. Each jewellery piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, detailing enhancements (if any) and ensuring quality. All our diamond Solitaire rings and other jewellery come with BIS Hallmark, a certificate of authenticity, and a wide variety of customisation options. You can choose your gemstone carat, metal colour and quality and style to make it uniquely yours!

So, are you ready to invest in your own piece of forever? Explore the versatile world of solitaire rings for women with Angara.


1. What are the latest trends in solitaire ring settings?
The latest trends reflect a shift towards personalised solitaire designs, blending coloured gemstones, diverse band styles, and modern settings for uniquely captivating engagement rings.

2. How do I choose the right carat size for a solitaire ring investment?
The average diamond size for an engagement ring is half a carat (0.50CT), which looks quite sizeable on the finger. However, the decision on carat size should be based on a combination of personal preference, budget, and the overall style and aesthetics of the ring.

3. What are some tips for maintaining the brilliance of a solitaire ring over time?
Sustain your ring's radiance by regular cleaning with a jewellery cleaner, avoiding exposure to lotions and perfumes, proper storage in a soft pouch or dedicated box, and being mindful of the ring's settings and stones, having them replaced or repaired by a professional if necessary.



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