Unwrap Moments: 7 Creative Ways to Surprise Your Valentine With Jewellery Gifts

When you're head over heels, no gift seems big enough, right? 

Buying jewellery for a special someone in your life is indeed a wonderful gesture, but you can take this gift to the next level by presenting it in a unique way. And the best part? We're gonna share some of the best ways to spice up your gift-venture 

Ready to level up your gifting game? Keep reading for some jaw-dropping jewellery gifting ideas! 

For the Teddy lover 

Give your bling a cuddly entrance! Wrap that sparkly surprise around an adorable, soft toy –  classic bears are A-game, but you can pick one that vibes with your story. 

Now, you've got two play-it-cool options: either let the teddy flaunt the jewellery, by tying a Valentine's heart pendant necklace around it, or sneakily tuck the jewellery box onto its lap.

And oh, don't miss checking out our handcrafted Valentine necklaces – they're pure eye candy!

teddy lover jewellery

For the foodie girl 

Ever seen those romantic movie scenes where a partner serves up a ring or earrings in a glass of champagne? Sounds dreamy, but let's be real – fishing out jewellery from a drink? Not the vibe you're going for, right? So, let's play it safe and keep the bling away from actual food or drinks. For instance : you can serve the box or the jewellery on a plate with a lid that needs to be removed or you could even rope in a waiter to help with this at a restaurant. 

And hey, a promise ring from Angara is the cherry on top for such moments! 💍✨

promise ring for foodie girl

For the bookworm

You can get a copy of her favourite book and highlight relavant lines and words to create separate sentences throughout the first few pages. Cut out the middle pages in a heart shape and place your valentines deay jewellery inside the shape.  You can dust off her TBR list and get those books piled for her. Let her curious mind pick the book she has already read to find the gem!

for the bookworm

For your disciplined baby

Bring a spark to their routine with a surprise twist! Imagine the excitement of stumbling upon a surprise, especially if it's one of our Valentine rings. Get creative – attach a cheeky note to their laptop screen, encouraging them to stick to their routine, and then place your gift in a spot they'll notice. Whether it's in the fridge, by their daily skincare products in the bathroom, next to their trusty coffee mug, tucked inside a desk drawer, or right with their car keys – you know their routine best!

disciplined baby

For the perfect date night

Spoil her even more by pampering with the film-perfect date night! Trust us, a well-planned date is the ultimate heart-winner. Here's a chic twist – grab a stunning purse and tuck the box inside for a delightful discovery. Or, go for a touch of elegance with a beautiful scarf to wrap the jewellery gift box. Another sleek move? Set the jewellery box beside a fresh outfit and a pair of heels you know she'll adore, (accompanied by a charming note of course!). Express your excitement to see her shine in that ensemble! It takes confidence and a bit of know-how, but we believe in you!

perfect date night

For the mystery lover

You can let your jewellery gift idea turn into a thrilling scavenger hunt! Let your creative juices flow as you craft clues leading your loved one to the ultimate jewellery treasure. Start with a sweet note under their pillow, then move on to surprises on the bathroom mirror and laptop screen. Enhance each note with chocolates, letting the size increase with every clue, guiding her closer to the ultimate treasure. Assign different tasks and plan a day of pampering. 

The jewellery is the star, but they'll cherish the adventure you've designed, complete with puzzles to solve along the way.

For Your Pamper Baby 

Gift her a day of complete relaxation. 

Picture this: She wakes up to a sweet note beside her, replacing your usual spot. Another note on her bathroom mirror, accompanied by a few mints, nudges her to rush to the breakfast-ready table. Surprised by her favorite breakfast, she discovers another note urging her to be ready by 10 am – you've planned a spa day at home. After thorough pampering, the masseur hands her another note, revealing that you're waiting at the cinema hall, and the cab ready outside.

As she joins you, hand her the popcorn (with the jewellery box hidden inside for an unexpected surprise!). We're confident she'll find you more romantic than SRK on the screen!

Parting Thoughts

It's not just about what we give, but mostly about how we give it that truly matters. Money can buy the world, but it's the boundless love and thoughtfulness that allow us to know someone well enough to plan the perfect surprise. Gifting doesn't have to be a grand scheme; it can be as simple as tying the gift box to her dog's neck with a heartfelt note, delivered just perfectly.

Take the time to pay attention, understand her style and preferences, and pick that perfect piece of jewellery with a personalized touch from Angara. 

We have the perfect collection for every personality — just go for it!


1. How can I plan a memorable Valentine's Day surprise without being too cliché?
More than gifts, focus on unwrapping moments. Crafting a memorable Valentine's Day surprise goes beyond material presents. Remember, key is to think outside the box, tailoring the gift to your loved one's unique interests and personality.

2. Are there budget-friendly options for surprising my loved one on Valentine's Day?
Certainly! Angara offers a diverse range of stunning jewellery collections with customisable options. Explore them now, and we're confident you'll discover the perfect choice for your Valentine's celebration.



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