Top 5 Drop Earring Styles That Makes A Classy Yet, Bold Fashion Statement

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Feeling stuck in a jewellery rut?  Same earrings, same outfit, same old you?  Well, Drop earrings are here to save the day (and your outfit) with a dose of instant drama.  We're talking about bold shapes, dazzling stones, and styles that'll have everyone asking, "Where'd you get those?"

So, ditch the studs and get ready for a mic- drop with these top 5 statement-making drop earrings:

5 Trendiest Evergreen Drop Earring Styles! 

We've got the perfect pair to match your mood, outfit, and desire to make a statement.  Here's a list of the hottest trends, along with styling tips, customization options, and our recommendations at Angara:

1. Double Drop Earrings

Love the flair of "extra" in every effort, task, smiles and shine? Double drop earrings are for you! These beauties take the classic drop earring and turn it up a notch with two cascading tiers of pearls, gemstones, or even a mix of both. 

Styling Tips:

  • Perfect for a night out or adding a touch of flair to work attire.

  • Balance the drama with a simpler outfit.

  • Let your hair down to showcase the cascading effect.

Customization Possibilities:

  • Mix and match pearls, gemstones, or even metals for a unique look.

  • Play with different lengths and sizes for the two drops.

  • Choose colorful gemstones to add a pop of vibrancy.

Angara Recommendation: Consider our Rope Framed Claw-Set Amethyst Double-Drop Earrings featuring two unequal sized amethysts for a pop of vibrance or pick this pair of Vintage Style Natural Diamond Double Drop Earrings for a twist of drama and retro fancy. 

2. Bezel Set Drop Earrings

Love the elegance of drop earrings but prefer a cleaner, more modern look? Bezel set drop earrings are your new best friend. These beauties feature gemstones or pearls encased in a sleek metal setting, creating a sophisticated and polished vibe. 

Styling Tips:

  • Perfect for a sophisticated and modern look.

  • Pair with sleek hairstyles to complement the clean lines.

  • Dress them up with a cocktail dress for a glamorous evening or rock them with a casual sweater and jeans for a touch of effortless chic.

  • Gracefully compliments office meetups without overwhelming your outlook.

Customization Possibilities:

  • Choose from a variety of gemstones or pearls to suit your style.

  • Select different metals like yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

  • Opt for different bezel shapes like round, square, or oval.

Angara Recommendation: Look how versatile this pair of Pear-Shaped Opal Solitaire Drop Earrings are - the colour play can rock both, conference and party nights! There's more drama with this Scattered Bezel Amethyst Twin Circle Earrings while all the grace is snatched by this Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Bezel Garnet

3. Diamond Leverback Drop Earrings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and diamond leverback drop earrings take your love for sparkle to new heights.  Imagine cascading diamonds dancing with every move, adding instant glamour to any outfit.  The secure and comfortable leverback clasp ensures these beauties stay dancing and twinkling all night long-making them perfect for that special date night or any occasion where you want to shine.

Styling Tips:

Pair them with a cocktail dress or an elegant gown for a show-stopping look. Keep your makeup and hairstyle simple to let the diamonds be the center of attention.

Customisation Possibilities:

  • Choose the size and cut of the diamonds for your desired level of sparkle.

  • Select a variety of diamond shapes like round, pear, or marquise.

  • Explore different leverback styles for a touch of personalization.

Angara Recommendation: Angara offers a stunning selection of Diamond Leverback Drop Earrings. However, this pair of Lab-Grown Classic Pear-Shaped Diamond Leverback Drop Earrings, has our hearts! 

4. Gemstone Drop Earrings 

Forget the ‘little black dress’ – with gemstone drop earrings, you're the pop of color that turns heads! These beauties are perfect for adding a touch of personality and vibrancy to any outfit.

Styling tips 

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with fiery rubies, cool sapphires, or even a mysterious moonstone – there's a gemstone out there to match your mood and your outfit.

  • If going for double drop style, make sure your gemstone colours compliment each other. 

  • Gemstones are not as hard on the moh's scale as diamonds - make sure they are treated gently and taken good care. 

Angara Recommendation: Dress an emerald teardrop earrings with a little black dress for a sophisticated look or pick this pair of opal drop earrings with jeans and a white tee for effortless chic.

5. Pearl Drop Earrings 

The beauty of pearl drop earrings lies in their versatility.  A delicate pair of freshwater pearls adds a touch of femininity to your everyday look and can be graced both at parties and boardroom meetings! 

Styling Tips 

  • You can play with length! Shorter drops are perfect for everyday wear, while longer ones add a touch of drama for a special occasion. And well, you can wear them of unequal lengths (new trend alert!!)
  • Dress them up for a formal event or wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a touch of everyday luxury.

Customisation possibilities: 

  • Choose from a variety of pearl types like classic white freshwater cultured pearl or the South sea cultured pearls with a sprinkle of golden hue. 

  • Select a drop length that flatters your face shape, from delicate drops to the dramatic drop danglers.

  • Add a touch of brilliance with dazzling diamonds or colorful gemstones to complement the pearls.

  • And of course, you can choose the metal type, karat and more!

Angara recommendation: Imagine the grace of this simple pair of Freshwater Pearl Tapered Leverback Earrings on a presentation day, or the fantasy these Freshwater Pearl and Sapphire Bar Drop Earrings can create! 

Whether you prefer the brilliance of lab-grown or the timeless elegance of natural gemstones, we offer a dazzling array to complement your chosen pearls and preferences. Go beyond metal selection – personalise the carat weight of your gemstones, explore different settings for added sparkle, and even add a special engraving to make your earrings truly unique.  And don't limit yourself to drops – they are just the beginning! Discover a dazzling array of pearls, diamond and gemstone earrings styles, from classic studs to cascading danglers, all waiting to be customised and cherished. Plus, it's all ethically sourced and comes with an authenticity certificate to back it. 

Secured returns, 15-day grace period, and one-of-a-kind packaging that'll make you gasp. Basically, we've got you covered!

So, are you ready to drop the mic with some bold drop styles? Explore our drop earrings collection today!


1. What to wear with drop earrings?
Anything! Angara drops are designed for versatility— Dress them up or down, perfect for any occasion. Just check the size and vibrance of the pair you choose to match your mood and motive of the day. 

2. How do you secure drop earrings?
Butterfly backs with a gentle squeeze keep your earrings comfortably in place. Leverback has a strong clasp. The gemstone in bezelset settings are mostly secured. Plus, Angara offers a variety of earring backs to ensure your precious drops stay put!


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