10 Best Selling Promise Rings To Consider In 2024

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Congratulations on finding the perfect partner to share all those romantic moments with! But hey, have you made things official yet? No, we're not talking about those simple 'I love you' moments, but something more meaningful and reassuring—commitment to the relationship.

In a world of casual hangouts and situationships, your bae deserves a promise they can count on. That's where the promise ring comes into play! Whether you're taking things slow, focusing on your career goals, or just not quite ready for a big engagement, a promise ring is the perfect way to make things official while keeping it low-key.

Curious about how it all works? Let us clear up the clouds of doubts and introduce you to some of the hottest promise ring styles…

Tips to consider while exploring promise rings: 

  1. Decide between diamonds or colored gemstones based on your partner's preferences and the symbolism you want to convey.
  1. Choose the cut of the stone that best reflects your partner's style and personality, whether it's classic and timeless or modern and unique.
  1. Opt for a minimalistic design that complements your partner's everyday style and can easily be stacked with a wedding or engagement ring in the future.
  1. Look for added meaning or symbolism in the ring design or customizations, such as birthstones, engravings or special motifs, to make the promise ring even more meaningful and personal.

What Is Your Promise Ring Type?

  • Solitaire Promise Rings:

When it comes to Solitaire Promise Rings, bigger isn't always better! You can opt for a simple yet elegant promise band with a single gemstone, or add a touch of sparkle with diamond accents like our Solitaire Amethyst Bypass Promise Ring with Diamond Accents. Look for a ring with a minimal yet tasteful band design that enhances the solitaire without overpowering its beauty. And the best part? You can customize the central stone to your liking, whether you prefer an Oval, Princess, or Cushion cut.

  • Minimalistic Promise Rings:

When it comes to Minimalistic Promise Rings, less is definitely more! These rings are all about simplicity, with a focus on the promise band and simple stone settings. Whether you're drawn to a 2 Stone Diamond Promise Ring or a Three Stone Promise Ring, the key is to keep it understated. Look for designs like the Round Diamond Mini Clustre Ring or a sleek band design that emphasizes the significance of the commitment rather than the extravagance of the piece.

  • Coloured Gemstone Promise Rings:

Your promise to forever need not be the classic gray always, It can be as vibrant and contemporary as your love story! Just take a look at our Classic Solitaire Aquamarine Promise Ring with Pave Diamonds or the Three Stone Multi-Shape Aquamarine Pisces Bypass Ring. With options to choose from gemstones like Ruby, Emerald, Fiery Opal, Amethyst, Citrine, and more, you can add your favorite pop of color to make your promise ring uniquely yours.

  • Symbolic Promise Rings:

Your promise ring should do more than just adorn her finger – it should hold a symbolic charm that speaks to her soul. Whether it's a zodiac sign ring, an infinity promise ring symbolising the intertwining paths of two lives in love, or a heart-shaped promise ring conveying your deepest emotions, choose a style that resonates with you. Because when it comes to promises, it's not just about the ring – it's about the meaning behind it.

  • Birthstone Promise Rings:

For an intimate touch to your special moments, consider birthstone rings as the perfect expression of "I'm born for you." Take for example, if your beloved princess graced this Earth in the month of February, why not surprise her with our Round Amethyst and Diamond Crossover Ring?

  • Vintage Inspired Promise Rings

For the love and charm of classics, our vintage inspired ring has it all! Whether a simple Vintage Inspired Oval Diamond Marquise and Dot Ring is your lookout or you wanna make it more fancy with a Vintage Inspired Bezel and Pave-Set Diamond Wedding Band, our collection has something to suit every taste and style. Elevate your romance with a touch of old-world charm and sophistication.

10 Best-selling Promise Ring Designs

Choosing shouldn't be tough. Check out our top 10 best-selling promise rings, each one crafted with care to mark your special moments with elegance:

  1. Vintage Inspired Two Stone Diamond Ring
  2. Princess Diamond Halo Promise Ring
  3. Open Heart Round Diamond Bypass Promise Ring
  4. Prong Set Princess-Cut Diamond Split Shank Promise Ring
  5. Diamond Studded Bypass Promise Ring with Prong Set
  6. Classic Three Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Promise Ring
  7. Solitaire Diamond Infinity Shank Ring
  8. East-West Emerald-Cut Amethyst Solitaire Ring
  9. Solitaire Heart Diamond Bypass Ring with Diamonds
  10. Solitaire Diamond Twist Shank Engagement Ring with Accents

Explore even more options! The best part?  You can always custom style your favourite Angara promise rings in terms of the carat weight, metal type and the quality of gemstone as per your budget and preferences while being certain about its value and authenticity.  

Whether you prefer minimalism or drama, there's something here for everyone. So go ahead and find yours!


1. What makes a promise ring different from an engagement ring?
A promise ring typically precedes an engagement ring. It's more kind of making your relationship official while waiting for the perfect time to get engaged in the far or near future. 

2. Do promise rings have any specific symbolism or meanings?
Oh, totally! They're all about affirming a relationship while expressing explicitly "I'm yours, and I'm not going anywhere!”


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