All About Valentine's Day And Heart-shaped Jewellery

heart shaped jewellery

The month to express love is here! 

It's time to embrace warmth, seeking that special way to convey the most tender of human emotions: "Love". And what symbolizes it, you wonder? Two gentle curves on top and a pointed bottom – the universal symbol of love. This emblem signifies affection, devotion, enduring love, and everlasting romance.

But, how did heart-shaped jewellery become so popular and since when? Continue reading to find out…

Why Is Heart Shaped Jewellery so Popular? 

This symbol isn't something new to us. Since our childhood, it has been our go-to option whenever we felt short of words. Our first art or doodle in a boring class probably. Or our first expression of butterflies as we wrote our name initials with a ‘+’ enclosed in this same heart shape. Remember times when adding multiple heart emojis to the sms never felt enough? 

We all grew up and have found different ways to express emotions — but, this heart shape keeps coming back whenever we find ‘love in the air’. Therefore, jewellery adorned with heart-shaped gemstones, heart motifs or patterns is regarded as the ultimate way to express one’s feelings. It's like declaring   vulnerability and courage by wearing love’s emblem! 

All About the Cutest Shape! 

It's no surprise that this symbol serves as the primary inspiration for numerous jewellery collections, especially around Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, talented designers worldwide have reimagined this timeless shape into a plethora of captivating pieces. Some choose heart-cut gemstones, with a surprisingly long history dating back to the 16th century, a period of courtly love and chivalry. During this era, brave knights expressed affection by presenting entwined and double heart lockets.

Are you wondering why this shape is called “heart” when the science books illustrated a different shape for the pumping organ? 
Take a look here:

heart jewellery

Did You Know? 

Queen Victoria often adorned a stunning bracelet featuring heart-shaped charms, each representing one of her children. This sparked significant popularity for heart-shaped jewellery in the 19th century, and was embraced by numerous fashion-forward women of that era.

Angara's Favourite Heart Selects: 

Whether classic, figurative, or adorned in pink and red hues, there are truly fantastic heart-inspired jewellery pieces out there. 

Take a glance at the selection below and find the perfect one for your special someone: 

Heart Stud Earrings: 

The Heart Diamond Stud Earrings can be cute and also quite elegant. You might choose a rose gold pair adorned with diamonds for that extra sparkle. For a playful touch, consider the open heart diamond stud earrings in yellow gold. If you prefer a simpler pair, the gleaming aquamarine solitaire heart earrings are a charming choice. You may also go with a simple diamond solitaire heart earrings that can effortlessly be worn as a delightful addition to her second ear piercing.

aquamarine solitaire heart earrings

Two Stone Heart Diamond Bypass Ring:

Say hello to Toi et Moi rings, (time to dust off those French skills, or just smile and nod – your call) These two stone heart ring settings aren't just rings; they're like your style statement saying, "Here we are!". Just like the love between you two, this style features two gemstones in a warm embrace—so romantic, isn't? It's a timeless union, with a touch of grace and a dash of excitement in the design. No wonder it's stealing the limelight in the world of engagement rings!

two stone heart diamond bypass ring

Heart Halo Drop Earrings: 

If you're on the hunt for a Valentine's gift she can flaunt regularly, here's the perfect pick. While halo diamond drop earrings may seem fancy, she can effortlessly rock them on casual occasions too. This design has the magical touch to elevate her everyday style, turning any ordinary day into something a bit more extraordinary.

heart halo drop earrings

Heart Pendants

It's a gift to give from the intensity to cling somewhere nearest her heartbeats. Adorned with sparkling diamond double halo or vibrant colored gemstones, this captivating piece shines beautifully in timeless yellow, romantic rose, and chic icy white gold.

Love and romance endure, just like the heart-shaped jewellery hand-crafted by the artisans at Angara. Today, heart-shaped engagement rings have become a beloved choice for couples. Beyond rings, you'll discover earrings, pendants, and bracelets featuring gemstones cut in a heart shape or adorned with alluring heart motifs. These pieces serve as a beautiful way to express your love for a special someone or even for yourself.

At Angara, explore an enchanting assortment of heart-shaped jewellery, adorned with both precious and semi-precious stones. From stunning necklaces to promise rings and heart earrings, there's a variety of styles to choose from. And the best part? You can customise them all! 

Browse through the collection right away and find a piece that resonates with your unique love story.

amethyst heart pendant with diamond double halo


1. What makes heart-shaped jewellery a popular choice for Valentine's Day?
The heart shape has symbolized love and romance for centuries! Jewellers worldwide have drawn inspiration from this iconic shape, creating exceptional heart-shaped jewellery pieces that eloquently express love and affection without the need for words. The shape itself says it all! 

2. What are the latest design trends in heart-shaped jewellery for Valentine's Day 2024?
Heart-shaped jewellery has been a trend since the 15th and 16th centuries, and it continues to capture hearts in 2024. The current trends include heart pendants, drop-down charms, diamond stud earrings, and two-stoned heart rings. 

3. What types of heart-shaped jewellery are ideal for gifting on Valentine's Day?
Heart-shaped rings, earrings, and necklaces make popular choices for Valentine's Day gifts, symbolizing love and commitment. Unlike flowers or chocolates, these timeless gifts can be worn and cherished for many years to come.



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