What's the Best Day of the Week to Buy Gold Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

best days of the week to buy gold

With Akshay Tritiya almost here, the gold fever is heating up!  

While this auspicious day is renowned for buying gold in India, did you know that your zodiac sign might influence some of the days in the week for you to make an auspicious gold purchase?

Let's dive in and discover which days of the week align with your zodiac's golden moments!  

Which Day Is Good To Buy Gold In A Week? 

Ever noticed how the days of the week are named after planets? Yep, from Sunday or Raviwar, (ruled by the Sun) to Thursday or Guruwar (ruled by Jupiter), each day carries the energy of a celestial body. And guess what? Your zodiac sign's relationship with these planets can influence your luck when it comes to buying gold.

So, why not align your gold purchases with your zodiac's power days? Who knows, it might just bring a little extra luck and prosperity your way! 

Let's check out the best days to buy gold:

With 4 weeks in a month, you've got 4 golden opportunities to find the best day to buy gold in this month, aside from the auspicious Akshay Tritiya. Let's understand the astrological connection behind each day. 

Monday: Monday, ruled by the Moon, is associated with calmness, peace, and growth. Since the Moon is connected to silver, you might wonder: Can we buy purchase on Monday? Absolutely! In fact, why not opt for white gold to complement the lunar vibes?

Tuesday : Tuesday is  the day of lord Mars (Mangal). And well, anyone can buy gold on Tuesday, especially those with a weaker Mars influence in their horoscope. Pleasing Lord Mars brings vitality, energy, and confidence into life. While the most favorable color for Mars is copper, consider opting for Rose Gold jewelry on a Tuesday to align with the Mars energy.

Thursday : If you're feeling a bit out of sync with Jupiter's vibes, any form of investment on Thursdays could be just the cosmic nudge you need to turn your luck around. So, can we buy gold on Thursday? Absolutely! With Jupiter's blessings, investing in gold on this day is believed to bring abundance and good fortune.And when Pushyami rolls around, gold purchase surely brings growth, abundance, and good fortune.

Sunday : Sunday, the day of the Sun God. In other languages it's called ‘Raviwar’, where Ravi means the Sun. However, is Sunday a good day to buy gold?  Absolutely! You might have heard that drinking copper charged water pleases the sun power in your body right? Works the same way—both rose gold with that copper hue and yellow gold, equally helps to boost the sun in your horoscope. Plus, wearing Gold makes you physically and mentally strong, this metal has a direct connection with the Sun. Hence, you can buy gold on Sunday for auspicious results

Which day of the week is not ideal for buying gold? 

We have figured out which day is good to buy gold. Now it's time to understand which day fall on the ‘not so auspicious days to buy gold's list 

Topping that list is ‘Saturday’, the day of lord Saturn (Shani Dev), which can bring many challenges in life, so people avoid buying gold on Saturday. So, Can we not buy gold on saturday? Offcourse you can, if your zodiac is Aries, Virgo, Capricorn or Libra. For others, buying lead items on a Saturday is a more auspicious venture. 

Next up are Friday and Wednesday. In Vedic Astrology, Venus and copper share a harmonious relationship. Venus influences love, beauty, and pleasure, while Mercury rules Wednesday. For those whose Ascendant Lord is Mercury, wearing an emerald ring or pendant in silver or gold is advised. However, for gold shopping, both Friday and Wednesday remain neutral days—not particularly good or bad.

Now, are you wondering which day is best to buy gold as per your zodiac sign? No worries, here's a handy cheat sheet:

Did you know?

Pushya Nakshatra, occurring on the 8th day after the full or new moon, holds significant importance in the Hindu calendar. It's renowned as one of the most auspicious days, especially for buying gold. And if this auspicious day lands on a Thursday, it's called Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga, making it even more special. 

Here's all the Pushya Nakshatra dates in 2024. It's time to mark your calendars for some golden shopping!

Now the most burning question — what if the gold rates take a dip on a day deemed "not so auspicious"? Well, in India, gold is revered akin to goddess Lakshmi, and women are celebrated as embodiments of her. It's no wonder that 10% of the world's gold stock hangs around the necks of Indian women! So, if the opportunity presents itself, why not seize it? After all, the belief in the auspiciousness of these days for buying gold is deeply rooted in a blend of astrological, cultural, and spiritual beliefs aimed at inviting positive energies, wealth, and prosperity into one's life. And remember, this auspicious metal has never harmed anyone! 


1. Can we buy gold on sunday?
Buying gold on Sunday aligns perfectly with the energy of the Sun God, enhancing its positive influence in your life.


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