Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace for an Active Lifestyle


Living an active life shouldn't mean sacrificing style. But, a delicate pendant necklace bouncing against your chest during a run— how does it feel?  Uncomfortable and impractical.

Well, that's why this guide exists— to help you choose the perfect necklace that'll complement your active lifestyle, keeping you looking sharp while you crush your goals.

Tips to Slay Your Fashion And Fitness Goals

Of course we love a fit body and the sparkle of gold and diamond necklaces. Hardly we want to take it off, right? Plus that bare neck and the hassle of putting the chain on and off— What's to be done? 

Don't sweat it (literally)! Here are simple and easy things to keep in mind while looking to buy a regular necklace online:

1. Necklace Materials:

  • Go for Lightweight Pendants:

While lightweight pendants made from plastic or wood can be an option, they might not offer the same level of sophistication you desire.  For a luxurious yet practical alternative, consider a minimal diamond pendant necklace or turquoise pendants (comparatively lightweight). However, avoid heavy metals or large stones.

  • Pick Gemstones with Greater Hardness:

Diamonds (Mohs hardness 10) are incredibly durable, but other options like sapphires and ruby pendants (9.5) offer excellent scratch resistance too. Topaz or emerald pendants (7.5-8 hardness) can handle sweat sessions without a hitch too.

  • The Lace Material:

Unless you are opting for a cotton or nylon thread for some reason, we would always recommend wearing your gemstone pendants with a fine metal necklace like gold or platinum. 

However, if you crave the sleek look of platinum, be aware it can be about 40% heavier than a gold necklace of the same size.   White gold offers a similar sleek look and feel as platinum, but at a lighter weight and often a better price point. It's a win-win!

  • Choose an Appropriate Gold Karat:

The karat (k) refers to the purity of the gold. Higher karat means more gold, but also a softer metal. For activewear, pure 24k gold is a no-go – it's beautiful, but too delicate.  The sweet spot for active lifestyles is lower karat gold (like 14k or 18k).  These options are stronger and more durable, so you can sweat it out without worrying about damaging your necklace.

  • Explore Lab-grown gemstone options:

Lab-grown diamond and gemstone pendants offer the same sparkle and quality as mined ones, but at a fraction of the price (40-60% less!) This allows you to snag a higher quality gemstone that might not have fit your budget with mined options. Plus, they're eco-friendly – score!

2. Necklace Length:

Apart from your lifestyle, pay attention to where the necklace hits in relation to your bust and neckline.

  • Shorter is better:

Long necklaces can bounce around and get caught on equipment. Opt for shorter lengths like chokers, crewneck (16-18 inches), or princess styles (18-20 inches).

Trend alert! Chokers stay close to the skin, making them ideal for weightlifting, Zumba, or busting a move.

  • Midlength for Everyday Wear:

When it comes to everyday wear, necklaces in the 18-22 inch range can work well. They rest comfortably on your collarbone, not too short to feel constricting, not too long to get tangled up in everything.

3. Select the Style:

  • Go Minimalist:

Simple pendant necklaces or sleek bar pendants add a touch of personality without getting in the way. Plus, minimalism is totally on-trend, and these delicate styles perfectly complement the busy, active lives we lead. One of the best examples of a must-have minimal necklace (apart from the diamond solitaire necklace of course!) would be a station necklace. 

You can easily find gemstone station necklaces like this Round Ruby Station Necklace or this Amethyst and Diamond Aquarius Triple Dome Station Necklace at our online store. 

  • Try Customisations: 

Keep your motivation high with a necklace engraved with a motivational quote. Think short and sweet phrases that fire you up, or simply rock your initials in a bold, sporty font. Let's say you're Rahul Jayker from Aashiqui 2 (still feel bad for the guy!), you can simply pick two initial pendants, i.e., the R initial pendant and the J initial pendant, choose your font that complements your vibe and viola! You're all set to slay the style. 

  • Sporty Signs: 

Look for necklaces with athletic details like the criss cross style or something like this Lab-Grown Gypsy-Set Diamond Horseshoe Pendant with symbolic implications. Horseshoe is a popular sign of vitality and energy. Plus, it is also associated with the planet of hardwork and dedication, Saturn. 

  • Buy in Pairs

While statement sets can be stunning, for activewear, consider the power of the pair!   

For example, match a dainty opal necklace with sparkling opal earrings— feels stunning already? Think of it as a streamlined way to add a touch of polish to your workout outfit. Bonus: Matching sets often come at a discount compared to buying pieces individually. Win-win!

Do's and Don'ts 


  • Consider Clasps: Don't let your necklace become a lost treasure! Opt for secure clasps like lobster or screw clasps to keep it safely on during your workout.
  • Get adjustable or alternate chains: Look for necklaces with adjustable clasps or extender chains. This lets you change the length depending on your outfit or activity – perfect for transitioning from gym to brunch.
  • Post-Workout Care: Rinse your necklace with clean water after sweaty activities to remove salt and residue.


  • Skip the dangly bits. Dangling pendants can be distracting and get caught on clothing. Opt for sleek or flat pendants.
  • Avoid necklaces with sharp edges or loose parts that could cause injury.
  • Skip the layering trend! Stick to a single necklace to minimise movement and discomfort.
  • Chlorine is the enemy of shine! Take off your necklace before swimming or soaking in a hot tub. Chlorine can dull the finish and even erode gemstones over time. 
  • While hiking or engaging in other high-impact activities, consider leaving your necklace behind.  Bumps and scrapes can damage your jewelry, and losing it amidst nature is no fun. There will be other times to shine!

Remember, Comfort and safety are key. Choose a necklace that allows for a full range of motion and won't snag on clothing or equipment. If you're still unsure of your choice, reach out to our jewellery experts for guidance and create an exclusive custom necklace to suit your lifestyle and preferences! 

Now go forth, conquer your workout, and be the stylish sweat queen you are!  


1. How to choose the right necklace length?
Opt necklaces upto 16inch long for an active lifestyle while you can go with a longer necklace of 20inches for special occasions. 

2. What is the best length for an everyday necklace?
Typically it is between 16-18inches.


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