Ring It Right: Choosing, Giving, and Wearing Promise Rings

promise rings

If you've been in a relationship for a while and the idea of taking the plunge into marriage feels a bit too soon, then the 8th of February, aka Promise Day, might just be your sweet spot (no worries, you can still catch up even if you're reading this later). 

Love birds, this one's for you! 

From "Can I buy my own promise ring?" to "Can I upgrade my promise ring?" – we're gonna spill the beans about this sweet gesture. 

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What Is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is like a precursor to an engagement ring, symbolising commitment, loyalty, and the butterflies that accompany love. It's a way of saying, "I'm committed, and I cherish what we have" — like a secret pact only two hearts share. While promise rings are often mistaken for engagement rings, the former is more of a "we're in this together" vibe, while the latter screams "we're getting hitched!" 

And if you're worried that wearing a promise ring on the ring finger might occupy the space meant for the wedding band or engagement ring— Fear not, friend! Promise rings are versatile – you can wear them on any finger, depending on your mood. And yes, that includes the thumb!

But How Long Should You Be Together Before Giving A Promise Ring?

Here's the thing – in matters of the heart, there's no fixed timeline. It's not a race; it's a journey. When you feel that magical connection and the stars align, that's the perfect moment to slip a promise ring onto her finger. Whether it precedes an engagement or stands alone, a promise ring should be given with genuine intentions and a whole heart.

Yet, if you've dated long enough to make a loving commitment (For some, that could be as little as three months or as much as three years), seize the moment – it's your 'carpe diem.’ 

It's time to spoil your bae with a promise ring if:

  • You've been dating and eyeing that "next step," : more than just a relationship but not ready for the Facebook label.

  • Hustling in your career but still keen on defining your relationship status (a touch of possessiveness is the spice).

  • Want to symbolize commitment beyond traditional marriage.

  • Bucking traditional marriage ideas but still crave that commitment symbol – because who needs the paperwork or ceremony when you can have the bling!

Which Promise Ring to Buy?

From a small solitaire, a classic band, a brilliant birthstone, to a dazzling ring filled with diamonds and gemstones— Promise rings for couples come in all shapes and styles.

Check out this sneak peek below, and for a complete dazzling extravaganza, hop on over to our website!

  • Heart-shaped ring

  • Rose gold ring

  • Three stone diamond bypass ring

  • Lab-grown diamond ring

  • Gold ring

  • Dainty ring

  • Unique ring

  • Cute ring

  • Princess cut diamond ring

  • White gold ring

  • Coloured gemstone ring

  • Small solitaire ring

  • Stackable bands

  • Birthstone ring

And here's a bonus – these rings aren't just for romantic gestures. Gift them to your sister, best friend, or even yourself as a symbol of strong commitment, singing to the music of — "you can count on me like 1 2 3, I'll be there!”

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind While Investing in a Promise Ring:

If you've made up your mind to invest in a promise ring, understand that it will represent a monogamous commitment, mark a special occasion, symbolise a significant period of time, and become an expression of your heart.  Make sure you present it with your best foot forward:

  • Consider her personality when choosing the ring – go for one that syncs with her style.
  • Opt for a cute ring, perhaps a light gemstone like the aquamarine solitaire heart or amethyst heart ring

    amethyst heart ring

  • Keep it simple; the prelude shouldn't outshine the climax – save the vintage styles for the grand ceremony. Choose a preferably stackable ring that complements later bands.
    stackables rings
  • Quality is key – the ring symbolises your promise, so don't compromise. It's the last thing you'd want to see wearing off, right?

  • Plan a special surprise to exceed her expectations and unveil the ring when she least expects it.
  • Frame your promise in the most heartfelt way, and don't forget a handwritten note – a cute poem might just bring happy tears.

Promise rings are a beautiful way to celebrate your love, commitment, and unique story. Make your efforts visible, treating her to the emotional rollercoaster she deserves!

Also, check out this amazing three stone diamond bypass promise ring, that symbolises the past present and future of your relationship. 

Three Stone diamond bypass ring

What Not To Do

When giving a promise ring, one must be careful that it is momentous, but not so much so that it will be confused for a marriage proposal. With Promise Day (8th Feb) approaching, it's a perfect opportunity, but occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and relationship anniversaries are equally fitting. Choosing a special date adds extra meaning, but the key is personalization – giving a promise ring is a deeply personal act, unique to you and your partner. There's no right or wrong time; just ensure your commitment is genuine before making the choice.

Parting Thoughts

Love, be it in friendship, romance, or platonic connections, is truly beautiful. Many choose to commemorate this love with a promise ring. It becomes a meaningful expression of love and commitment for various situations – whether it's deeply in love, teenagers not ready for the next steps, partners separated by distance, a couple opting for a non-traditional commitment, or individuals expressing their unique, committed relationship. Promise rings offer a wonderful way to convey these special and loving sentiments.

No matter your style or reason, Angara has the perfect promise ring for you, and the best part? We also offer customization, ensuring your ring is as unique as your love story! Explore now.


1. Are gemstones commonly used in promise rings, and do they have specific meanings?
Popular gemstones used in promise rings include ruby, sapphire, diamond, aquamarine, amethyst, blue sapphire, moissanite, topaz, peridot, black diamond, and emerald. Couples can choose gemstones based on birthstones, personal preferences, or the symbolisms associated with the stones. 

2. What is the significance of promise ring stackables, and how can they be styled together?
Stackable promise rings offer a personalized and versatile style. Stacking them creates a unique combination, symbolizing different promises in a relationship. In 2024, a trending choice is stacking promise and engagement rings, and placing the matching wedding ring in between for a cohesive and stylish look.



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