The Ultimate Guide to Moonstone Jewellery: Meanings, Benefits, Styling & Caring Tips

moonstone jewellery

Did you ever go moon gazing? Well, we all have. In times of joy, pain, and romance—the moon has always felt so dear, isn't it? Not the sparkling one in the crowd, but its ethereal glow owes the hearts and inspiration of many!

But the moon's magic isn't just for stargazers – it can grace your jewellery box too!

Imagine adorning yourself with a piece of the moon, not just for its beauty, but for the potential it holds to unlock your inner light. Who doesn't want a piece of the moon for themself? Our jewellery box deserves it too! That's why we have moonstone jewellery—with glow, serenity, and much to offer.

If your jewellery collection is crying out for some lunar flair, let's talk Moonstone!

What's so Special About Moonstone? 

Through history, we find different legends around this gemstone. Romans believed it was solidified moonlight, while Hindus associated it with Chandra, the moon god. Similarly, across cultures, moonstone was seen as a source of mystery and lunar energy. Moonstone continued to hold significance in Europe during the Middle Ages. It was often worn as a talisman for protection and believed to bring emotional balance and clarity. It then experienced a resurgence in popularity during the Art Nouveau period (late 19th to early 20th century). Artists like René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany, captivated by its natural beauty, incorporated moonstone into stunning jewellery designs, solidifying its place in the world of fashion.

The most prominent association is with the moon. The ever-shifting moonstone shimmer is seen as a reflection of the ever-changing cycles of life similar to the moon's phases. And above all, its mesmerizing natural adularescence, or the dance of light within the gemstone, is worth keeping it close to the heart!

But what is the science behind this shimmer?

This mesmerising effect isn't a trick of the light; it's a result of the gemstone's unique internal structure. Moonstone is composed of alternating layers of two feldspar minerals, with slight differences in their refractive index (how they bend light). When light enters the stone, it interacts with these layers, causing it to scatter and diffract. This scattering creates a soft, shimmering glow that appears to move and dance within the moonstone as you turn it.

The colors of this moonstone glow can vary depending on the stone's composition.  Some moonstones exhibit a soft, milky white sheen, while others showcase a captivating blue shimmer.  Rainbow moonstone, a rarer variety, even displays flashes of multiple colors as light interacts with its unique internal structure. The quality of the adularescence is a major factor in a moonstone's value. A strong, even glow that shifts colors is highly prized, making the stone appear to shimmer and come alive. 

Benefits of Wearing Moonstone Jewellery 

Beyond its captivating beauty, moonstone jewellery holds a deep significance. It can:

  • Enhance intuition and emotional balance

  • Promote creativity and inspiration

  • Foster harmony and positive relationships

  • Bring good luck and fortune

  • Promote inner strength and resilience

  • Foster love and emotional connection

And of course, gives you ‘good vibes only’! 

So, whether you're drawn to the beauty of a moonstone necklace or the elegance of a moonstone solitaire ring, Angara has got a piece of moonstone jewellery waiting to become your new treasured possession.

Styling Tips 

Let's talk the ways to add a touch of magic to your everyday look, whether you're daydreaming under the afternoon sun or dancing under the moonlight.

Mix and Match Gemstones: 

Pair your moonstone jewellery with pieces featuring stars or celestial motifs for a more literal connection to the night sky. Or simply go for diamonds—coz’ a moonstone jewellery style combining diamonds gives the same feel effortlessly! 

Combine moonstone with other gemstones that share its calming energy, such as amethyst or labradorite, for a piece that promotes peace and tranquility. You can also select warm-toned gemstones like citrine to pair with moonstone's cool tones for a visually striking contrast.

Choose the metal as per the stone colour: 

  • White Gold:  The Silver hue is a classic choice for moonstone jewelry, complementing the gemstone's soft glow and creating a timeless, elegant look.

  • Yellow Gold: This combination adds warmth and a touch of sophistication and pairs beautifully with peach or orange moonstone varieties.

  • Rose Gold:  This modern combination complements the moonstone's peachy undertones. This creates a contemporary and romantic aesthetic.

Consider the Occasion:

Choose your piece based on the event. For a formal occasion, opt for a more statement-making piece. For a casual gathering, a delicate necklace or bracelet might be perfect. Let's say for: 

  • Everyday Elegance: Pair a delicate moonstone necklace with a flowy dress for a touch of bohemian charm.

  • Office Formals: A simple moonstone stud adds a subtle touch of sophistication to your work attire.

How to Care For Moonstone Jewellery? 

Moonstone is a relatively soft gemstone, so treat it with care. Avoid harsh chemicals and clean it with warm, soapy water. Store it wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Design your perfect piece!

Not only is it a confidence and calm booster, it's a perfect gifting option too! Explore the vast possibilities of customizing your moonstone piece. Choose the setting, carat size, and metal that perfectly complements your style.  Add a personal touch with engravings or combine moonstone with other gemstones for a unique look.  Whether you prefer the natural beauty of a mined stone or the ethical choice of lab-grown, we have options to suit your preferences.

Don't wait— pick a piece of the moon for your moon from our website or bring a tangible piece of lunar magic to your style! 


1. What is the significance of moonstone jewellery? 
Moonstone jewellery has been associated with lunar energy for centuries. It is believed to promote intuition, emotional balance, and creativity.  

2. Is it good to wear a moonstone necklace?
Absolutely! Whether you believe in the gemstone's symbolic properties or simply appreciate its beauty, a moonstone necklace is a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection.


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