Wedding Jewellery Investment? Reconsider! Gold Coins Might Be A Smarter Investment Option

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Gold prices are at an all time high— skyrocketing faster than your heart rate on the first date! And the jewellery fashion trends?  They are changing at an equal pace, making it hard to invest in jewellery altogether, especially if it's for your wedding day. It's overwhelming and we feel you! 

But what if there was a way to invest in gold for your wedding (or any occasion!) without getting stuck with an outdated necklace or those ridiculous "making charges"? Fortunately we have one for such cases (and beyond)— gold coin investment! 

You can always buy 24k gold coins online and ditch the making charges to sell them or exchange for a better value gold jewellery in the future. Saves a lot! 

Now, you might be thinking, "Aren't there other gold investment options like bars or bonds?" You got it! But are they the perfect match for your happily ever after? Well, let's find out! 

Differences between Gold coins and gold bars

Gold Coins vs. Gold Bars and SGB: A Comparison Table

While SGBs offer guaranteed returns and eliminate storage worries, they might not be ideal for short-term wedding jewelry goals. Gold bars are a better option for larger investments, but they're less liquid and come with making charges.

As you can see, gold coins tick most of the boxes for a wedding jewelry investment. They're easy to sell or redeem later, saving you on making charges when you finally pick out those dream wedding pieces. Plus, they're easier to store securely than bars and offer more flexibility than SGBs with their lock-in period.

More Reasons to Choose Gold Coins

While gold bars and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are popular options, gold coins offer several unique advantages:

  • Tangible Asset: Unlike paper investments, gold coins are physical assets you can hold in your hand. This provides a sense of security and control, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

  • Collectible Value: Certain gold coins, like commemorative editions or those with historical significance, can hold additional value beyond their gold content. These "collector coins" can appreciate in value over time.

  • Liquidity: Gold coins are highly liquid assets. Reputable pawn shops, jewellers, and bullion dealers will readily buy them, offering you quick access to cash if needed.

  • Fractional Investment: Unlike large gold bars, gold coins come in various denominations (e.g., 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams). This allows for more flexibility and easier entry points for investors with smaller budgets.

  • Purity Assurance: Reputable mints and dealers guarantee the purity of their gold coins. Look for coins stamped with ".995" or ".999" to ensure a minimum of 99.5% or 99.9% gold content, respectively. Angara Laxmi gold coins are available in 999 pure gold in 1gm, 2gm, and 5gm gold coins weight, all BIS Hallmarked for guaranteed authenticity.

  • Gifting Potential: The beautiful designs and collectible nature of certain gold coins make them a unique and valuable gift for special occasions. 


  • While gold coins offer these advantages, they typically come at a slightly higher premium per gram compared to gold bars due to minting costs.

  • For investors solely focused on maximising their gold content per gram, gold bars might be the more suitable option.

Gold Coins vs. Gold Bars: What's the Right Gold Investment Option For You?

  • Consider your investment goals. Do you prioritise ease of storage, potential for collectability, or gifting options?

  • Evaluate your budget. Are you comfortable with the slightly higher premium associated with gold coins?

  • Do you plan to use your gold for future jewellery purchases?  Pick gold coins! They come in smaller denominations (often 1 gram and up), making them perfect for smaller investments. 

  • Diversification is key!  A well-balanced portfolio might incorporate both gold coins and bars to benefit from their unique advantages.

Here's a quick comparison table to help you decide:

Additional Considerations:

  • Storage: Store your gold coins securely in a safe deposit box or a home safe to prevent theft or loss.

  • Insurance: Consider insuring your gold coins for added peace of mind.

  • Market Fluctuations: Like any investment, gold prices fluctuate. Be prepared for short-term volatility, but gold has historically proven to be a stable long-term investment.


  • Conduct thorough research before purchasing gold coins. Buying gold coins online can sometimes snag you a better deal with certain bank offers.

  • Understand the current market price of gold and factor in dealer premiums.

  • Choose reputable sellers who provide certificates of authenticity and BIS hallmark to ensure the gold coins’ purity.

  • Consider storing your gold coins in a secure location, like a safe deposit box.

Investing in gold coins offers a unique way to diversify your portfolio and potentially grow your wealth. Their tangible nature, liquidity, and potential collector value make them an attractive option for investors of all levels.  Whether you're looking for a safe haven asset, a way to celebrate auspicious occasions, or a beautiful collectible, gold coins can be a valuable addition to your investment strategy. Plus they offer the perfect blend of security, flexibility, and affordability for your wedding jewellery investment. They'll help you weather the gold price storm and ensure your ‘happily ever after’ shines bright!

So why wait? Invest before prices rise! Explore Angara's gold coin collection today.


1. Who Issues the Purest Gold Coins in India?
Several mints and government bodies issue gold coins in India, all adhering to strict quality standards. Reputable brands like those mentioned earlier guarantee at least 99.5% purity.

2. How Do You Cash In Gold Coins?
You can sell your gold coins to reputable jewelers, pawn shops, or bullion dealers. Ensure you choose a trusted vendor who offers fair market value based on the current gold price and weight of your coins.


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