Unique and Creative Ways to Wear Layered Necklaces

layered necklaces

What’s hot RN? Layered necklaces, of course! And if ruling the 2023 fashion scene is all that you care about, layer up, girls.

The only rule here is that there are no rules. Love the whole simple-meets-chic vibe? Go for a stack that’s minimalistic and timeless. Can’t settle for anything less than big and bold? Elaborate designs and chunky pieces are the way to go.

TBH, there’s so much you can experiment with when it comes to creating a necklace set for any and every occasion. You can pick from a variety of colourful gems, shapes, necklace styles, designs, lengths, metals and so much more. 

But if you really want to slay the style game, we’re here to help. Scroll down to see 5 unique and creative ways to wear layered necklaces like a pro!

5 Ways to Wear Layered Necklaces

  • Pick Your Magic Number

Two is better than one, any day! So, double up the sparkle and charm with two of your favourite necklaces. Not enough drama for your neck? Well, go ahead, pick your magic number and create a multi-layered necklace stack. Psst, letting you in on a little secret: odd numbers always do the trick!

Don’t forget to consider the lengths of your stunners. You don’t want the clutter. Two or more, every piece deserves its own spotlight. So, start with a choker, slightly increasing the length of every piece, and complete that stack with a long necklace design.

  • Play With Colours

NGL, basic is boring! To hit a 100 on that style meter, you gotta make it vibrant and bright. That’s exactly why you need to throw in some ravishing red rubies, gorgeous green emeralds, breathtaking blue sapphires and well, the list goes on…

This is it; layered gemstone necklaces will definitely get you on top of the stack-it-like-you-mean-it trend. Choose a coloured gemstone of your choice and go wild. Or you could just play with different coloured gemstone necklaces to give your stack a contrasting upgrade.

  • Designs for Your Aesthetic and Mood

Feeling artistic? Pick a gemstone shape that speaks to your inner creative. Pair it with a moon, star or sun pendant necklace to add a dash of celestial magic. Complete the stack with a lariat-style piece if the diva in you believes only in making a statement wherever you go! 

  • Mix Your Metals

Who says you can’t have it all? There are no rules, remember? ICYMI, mixing your metals is legit one of the top jewellery trends. Go on, get your silver and white, yellow and rose gold layered necklaces out of the box and get rolling.

Need a little tip? Silver and yellow gold are a match made in heaven!

  • Make It Personal

You say trendy layered necklaces? We hear initial necklaces! Yes, we’re pretty much asking you to add a personal touch to your stack by adding your initial to it. Don’t worry, it’s super easy! Pair one of these with your birthstone pendant or zodiac-inspired necklace and you’re good to get the party started.


1. Can I add a statement necklace to my layered look?
Layering is an excellent way to showcase an elaborate, statement necklace. Try pairing it with a simple and elegant pendant over a plain V-neck dress or top for a sophisticated look.

2. Are there any fashion rules I should follow when layering necklaces?
The neckline and the length of the pieces play an important role when layering necklaces. Make sure to wear something that doesn’t take away the focus from your stack while also avoiding a cluttered look.

3. What type of necklaces work best for layering?
Chokers, gemstone pendants, lariat-style necklaces and chunky chains work best for layering. You can also add a personal touch to your stack with chic initial pendants.



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