From Tradition to Trend: Why Is The Evil Eye Jewellery So Trending?

evil eye jewellery

Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala (May the one with the evil eye have their face blackened.) 

Have you ever heard this? If not, then maybe you have seen some red chillies and lemons hanging by doorways, or black thread around the Indian ankles, right? It's all because of the belief in the evil eye —  malicious glares or jealousy that can bring bad luck.

But seriously, how can a stare bring misfortune?  And how do threads, beads, and chillies fight back?! 

Let's dive into the details of the evil eye frenzy! 

What Is an Evil Eye? 

We all know the feeling – something bad happens, and you can't explain it. In many cultures, including India, the answer might be the evil eye. The evil eye, also known as "Drishti" or "Buri Nazar'' in India, has been around for centuries (for 5000 years at least!) It's the idea that a nasty glare or envious look can bring bad luck (afterall, the universe only understands the language of frequency and vibration, so the intensity of every intention matters!)

The evil eye explains those bumps in the road of life, like bad luck or sudden sickness. People believe it's caused by someone's envious or negative stare, bringing misfortune or even death to the target. And this belief isn't just from India, you'll find it in cultures all over the world. People use special charms and decorations called "nazar-bhattus" to ward off this bad energy. These evil eye amulets are common in Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and even in Italy.

Moreover, there are different types of evil eyes.  Some people might not even realise they're doing it! But others might be intentionally trying to bring you down. Either way, the evil eye charms come to the rescue. 

But how do we combat this negativity, you ask? 

Well, Indians have developed a colorful array of protective measures over time. Remember those little black dots we sometimes see on babies' foreheads? That's a "kajal" mark, traditionally believed to ward off the evil eye. Various Rudraksha beads (especially the 8 mukhi Rudraksha), cowrie shells and the spitting your mother does whenever you look pretty (thoo thoo) serve the same purpose. But the most stylish defense? Evil eye jewellery of course! 

So, what does this have to do with jewellery?

Simple! People have used amulets and charms for protection for centuries. Imagine carrying shields made from natural materials, like shields and wood, incorporating the eye symbol to ward off negativity— old-fashioned right? But for them, it was  a way to express faith and tradition. 

With time, the concept evolved and that's how the evil eye symbol found its way into jewellery, making it a stylish and portable way to carry your protection wherever you go!

Meaning and Symbolism of the Evil Eye 

The evil eye symbol itself is a powerful one. It's typically depicted as a blue eye, often with a central white circle and a black pupil. This watchful eye acts as a shield, reflecting negativity back at the sender. But beyond protection, the evil eye also carries positive connotations. It represents strength, good luck, and a watchful guardian. Above all, the eye represents the ‘all-seer’ God, and when God looks after you, who can cast a harmful stare? 

Well, there's more to the shape: 

🪬Hamsa hand: A palm-shaped image with five spread fingers, often with an eye in the center. This is the Hamsa hand, a protective amulet known as the Hand of Fatima (in Islam) or Hand of Miriam (in Judaism). It's believed to ward off evil spirits, misfortune, and even the evil eye itself! It can be depicted with the fingers pointing upwards (warding off negativity) or downwards (offering blessings). This hand can be plain or adorned with intricate designs, gemstones, or religious symbols depending on the culture and purpose. However, all Hamsa hands are not meant to ward off the evil eye but only the ones with an eye in the centre. 

👁️ Evil Eye: This charm gets more detailed!  It typically includes a blue iris, a white sclera (the white part of the eye), and sometimes even an eyebrow or eyelashes. This one specifically represents the "evil eye".

🧿 Evil Eye Charm:  This simpler version resembles a round blue and white bead with a single black dot in the centre. It offers broader protection and good fortune in various cultures, not always focused solely on the evil eye concept.

So now you know, all blue and white symbols do not necessarily reflect only the evil eye. 

Did You Know? 

The classic blue evil eye isn't the only one out there!  Across cultures, the evil eye symbol comes in a rainbow of colors, each with its own special meaning— red, sky blue, pink, orange, purple, green and more! 

The Modern Take on Evil Eye Jewellery

Gone are the days of clunky amulets. Modern evil eye jewellery is a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary design. Plus, you'll find them in a ton of styles, from bracelets, anklets and necklaces to earrings and even nose pins! — it's that versatile! Materials like silver, gold, and even precious stones like sapphire and diamonds add a touch of luxury to the jewellery style. 

Here's are a few reasons why this evil eye jewellery is trending

Eye-catching Protection: Let's be real, evil eye jewellery is really cool. Bold colors and symbolic designs add instant edge to any outfit, day or night. Basically, protection never looked so good!

Modern Must-Have: In our crazy-fast world, security and positivity are more important than ever. Evil-eye Jewellery comes as a perfect blend of style and security making it a modern must-have that connects you with tradition without sacrificing style.

Celeb Influence: The power of celebrity influence is undeniable! Bollywood stars and influencers are sporting evil eye jewellery, making it a coveted fashion accessory.

The Perfect Gift: Stylish, meaningful, and protective – evil eye jewellery checks all the gift-giving boxes.  It's a present that says you care, both about their look and well-being.

A Fun DIY Craft Idea: 

Hold hands, palms together, with your fingers playfully intertwined. Merge your left hand seamlessly with your partner's right – creating a unique mirrored effect.

You can use a xerox machine, an ink-pad or paint to get an imprint like this: 

‘Hand-in-hands through the maze of life’ — though with an extra finger but here' your own special Hamsa hand. Pretty and a must-try isn't? 


  • Use colorful paints or inks for a vibrant look.
  • Decorate your handprint with swirls, hearts, eye shapes, or your initials.  
  • Write your names or a special message on the imprint.
  • You can also clay it! Soften some modeling clay and gently press your hands in to create a 3D keepsake.
  • Frame your creation as a cherished reminder of your love (or to ward off some jealous evil eyes!)

Trending Evil Eye Jewellery Styles: 

Evil eyes are everywhere! Whether you believe in warding it off or not, there is no denying that evil eye jewellery is a beautiful and meaningful accessory. Sure, you can find evil eye charms at the flea market, but for some serious next-level protection (and sparkle!), consider fine jewellery with precious gemstones.  Just imagine an evil eye diamond sapphire necklace –  the evil eye design keeps the negativity away, while the blue sapphire or Neelam (associated with Saturn's protective powers) adds an extra layer of defense, just like those black threads on your ankles!

Worth the obsession right? Check out this amazing blue sapphire evil eye pendant necklace from Angara. It's got dazzling diamond accents in the shape of an eye with sparkling protection at its finest.

Not a sapphire fan? No worries! Evil eyes come in a rainbow of colors, each with its own special meaning. Here are a few options to swap the center stone with:

Turquoise: For inner peace and serenity 

Gold: For wealth, success, and a little extra luck

Black Onyx: For absorbing negativity and promoting emotional strength.

Emerald: For love, growth, and new beginnings

Ruby: For passion, protection, and fierce energy

Citrine: For abundance, creativity, friendship and a burst of sunshine

And the list goes on!

Is it Just About the Trend?

The evil eye trend is hot, and it doesn't care if you're a believer or just in love with the aesthetics. These stunning pieces can be meaningful charms, thoughtful gifts or stylish statements – it's all up to you! Imagine gifting your friend a sapphire evil eye necklace on her wedding with a note saying ‘may your happiness be safeguarded today, and always!’ or a sapphire evil eye pendant to your sister on her graduation with her birthstone, meaningful isn't? 

The point is, evil eye jewellery is more than just a trend. It's a way to express yourself and embrace a touch of symbolism.  Plus, with Angara, customidation is a breeze.

So why wait? Explore our website and get your hands (or should we say eyes?)  on the most premium evil eye jewellery ever! 


1. Why do people buy evil eye jewellery?
Some buy it for its protective qualities, believing it wards off negativity. Others simply love the stylish designs, vibrant colors and catching the trend. 

2. Who can wear evil eye jewellery?
Everyone! Believers, non-believers, all ages & genders.


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