Top 3 Methods To Measure Ring Size At Home

Top 3 Methods To Measure Ring Size At Home

Finding that perfect ring is a bundle of joy in itself, but an ill-fit one would definitely kill the thrill. Especially if it's a gift— one ill-fit ring can break two hearts, literally! 

While a jeweler can ensure precise ring sizing, this blog is a must-read for those without that option.

How To Measure Ring Size At Home? 

Whether you're looking for a wedding band, engagement ring, or anniversary gift—measuring your fingers for rings doesn't need to be complex. You can easily measure your finger using printable size charts, a tape measure, ring sizer tools, or even just a pen and paper.

Here are the top 3 ring size guides

String/Floss and Paper Method:

Wrap the string, floss, or measuring tape around your finger, leaving some room for your knuckles, and then measure the circumference in millimeters for precise ring sizing.

To measure the circumference of your finger accurately, mark or remember where the end of the string meets the starting point, then lay the string flat and measure its length in millimeters using a ruler or a measuring tape. 


  • Stretching: String and floss may stretch, resulting in inaccurate measurements if pulled too tightly.
  • Human Error: This method depends on manual measurements, which could introduce errors if not conducted meticulously.

Physical Ring Sizer Tool 

Using a physical ring sizer tool made of metal or sturdy plastic is the most accurate method to measure your ring size. These tools provide precise measurements and allow you to test the comfort of each ring size.


  • Involves a cost: Physical ring sizers are not free like some other methods, so there is an associated expense.
  • Doesn't account for the width of the ring: This means that inaccuracies may occur, especially if you're measuring for a wider ring. Be mindful of this factor to ensure the most accurate sizing.

Online Ring Size Chart

For an online ring size chart, you can follow these steps:

  • Wrap a piece of floss, string, or paper around the base of your ring finger and mark where it overlaps. Then, measure the length in millimeters with a ruler to determine the circumference of your finger.
  • Utilize a downloadable ring sizer tool that can be printed and wrapped around your finger to determine the size accurately.
  • If you already have a well-fitting ring, you can use it as a reference by placing it on a ring size chart to match the size.


  • Paper Variation: The type of paper used for printing can sometimes vary, potentially resulting in inaccurate size measurements.
  • Limited Flexibility: Challenges may arise with online ring sizers, such as difficulty in accurately measuring larger center stones on rings or dealing with different finger sizes and knuckle variations.

ring size guide

The Perfect Ring Fit

The ideal ring should fit snugly on your finger, preventing it from slipping off while still allowing some resistance when sliding over the knuckle. A ring that is too tight can cause discomfort, bulging, or jam circulation.

In India, the most prevalent ring size for women is typically around size 7, while for men, sizes typically range from 17 to 22. Keep in mind that wider rings will fit more tightly than narrow ones, so you may need to opt for a slightly larger size for bands with wider widths.

Did You Know ?

Your finger size can be as unpredictable as the weather and can change up to two sizes in one day! 

—Physical activity, humidity, hot baths and even big hot meals can make your fingers fluctuate in size. So don't be surprised if you wake up to find your ring fitting differently; your fingers like to swell as you catch some Z's, creating a whole new finger size to greet the day with!

Best Time To Measure Your Ring Size

– it's best to measure your ring size mid-morning or mid-afternoon when your hands are at a normal temperature. And don't hesitate to measure multiple times for accuracy - after all, a well-fitted ring is the key to happy fingers and stylish accessorising!

Ensuring your ring fits just right is essential for comfort and enjoyment of your jewellery. By following these straightforward steps, you'll be on track to discovering the ideal fit. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, explore our wide range of stunning gemstone rings, perfect for every occasion. With customisation options and our 15-day return policy, you can shop with confidence and find the ring of your dreams!


1. What are the pros and cons of using a ring sizer tool?
It is comparatively the most accurate method of ring size measurement. However it doesn't take into account the width of the ring. Hence, inaccuracy may occur, especially when measuring for wider rings.

2. How often should I measure my ring size?
It is recommended to measure your ring size three to four times as finger sizes can vary due to factors such as temperature and swelling.


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