Are Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings as Valuable as Mined Diamonds?

lab grown diamond earrings

Love diamond earrings? Us too! But who wants to spend a fortune or hurt the planet to get some sparkle?

Mined diamonds come with a hefty eco cost that can add guilt to your purchase, (plus they can burn a hole in your pockets too!)

That's where lab grown diamond jewellery is gaining popularity. They look amazing, cost way less, and keep Mother Earth happy. 

But are they as valuable as mined diamonds?

Let's find out!

Are Lab-grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds Same?

First things first, let's understand if we're talking about some cheap imitation or fake sparkles. 

Well, diamonds have always been a symbol of luxury, but lately (especially post COVID-19), people are getting more conscious about the environment and the ethical concerns behind their purchase and are increasingly seeking alternatives. Lab-grown diamonds offer this  stunning and ethical alternative for high-end jewellery like lab-grown diamond earrings and necklaces. 

Lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, but they are created in a controlled laboratory environment. This process reduces the environmental impact and eliminates human rights concerns associated with traditional diamond mining. And when it comes to earrings, lab diamonds offer more affordable prices for high-quality stones, making diamond jewelry accessible to a wider audience.

Lab-Grown vs. Mined Diamond Earrings

If diamonds are a girl's BFF, earrings are the BAE! 

And we all agree with this, humming "Jhumke ne le li meri jaan…hayee re main tere qurban…” 

Can you ever have enough of these? 
We all know that feeling – you see a pair of earrings like these stunning Natural Diamond Floral Circle Stud Earrings and your heart skips a beat. These are like a sunburst of sparkle wrapped in classic yellow gold. So pretty, right?

But hold on to your dupattas, because while the K, I3 grade is priced at ₹38,153, the better-graded G, VS2 comes in at a steeper ₹58,260 - Ouch!

Here's the question: Do you crave statement sparkle at a steal, or prefer the ultimate fire and brilliance of the higher grade?

Exactly, Jhumkas might steal your heart (and your wallet too)—  Bollywood might not have the answer, but lab-grown diamonds do!  

While the same Diamond Floral Circle Stud Earrings in its Lab-grown version comes in at a budget-friendly ₹39,277 for stone graded F-G, VS. That's a saving of almost ₹20,000!

Imagine the other gorgeous pieces you could add to your collection! You can easily explore our Freshwater Pearl Earrings with Bezel Garnet or go with solitaire earrings like Amethyst Solitaire Heart Stud Earrings!

Lab-grown diamonds are typically 40-60% more affordable than mined diamonds of similar quality due to their extraction process, plus they don't hurt mother Earth— definitely a better and responsible choice for the purpose of flaunting that sparkle!

Quick Tips for Buying Lab-grown Diamond Earrings

  • Set Your Budget: First things first - set a budget. Decide what you're comfortable spending and stick to it.

  • The 4Cs Still Count: Just like natural diamonds, lab-grown ones are graded on Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity.  Choose a combination that meets your desired sparkle level.

  • Choose the Right Cut: Not all cuts are created equal!  Popular choices for studs include round brilliant (classic sparkle), princess (square elegance), and cushion (soft, romantic).  Consider the look you want and the occasion for wearing them.

  • Metal Matters:  The setting holding your diamonds is important too!  Look for earrings made with high-quality metals like gold or platinum for lasting beauty and secure diamond placement.

  • Compare Prices and Quality: Look for reputable Lab-grown diamond jewellery online stores like Angara, offering detailed descriptions, clear pictures, and customer reviews. Comparing prices and quality across different vendors helps you make an informed decision.

  • Ask for Lab-testing Certificates: Remember, there are cheap imitations out there! Look for a grading report from independent labs like ISI and SGL that certifies the authenticity of your lab-grown diamonds.

  • Shop from Reputable Sources: Buy from well-known retailers that specialise in lab-grown diamonds to ensure quality and authenticity.

Taking Care of Your Lab-grown Diamond Earrings 

1. Cleaning Your Earrings

  • Give your earrings a gentle cleaning with a soft jewellery cleaner or mild soap and water.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals like hairspray, chlorine, and lotions. They can damage the settings and dull the sparkle.

  • Keep it simple! Our experience shows gentle cleaning is more effective than harsh methods. Consistent care is key to lasting brilliance.

  • Need a deeper clean? Consult a professional jeweller for thorough inspection and cleaning.

2. Storing Your Earrings

  • Give Them a Home: After a dazzling night out, don't just toss your earrings on the vanity. Store them safely in a designated jewellery box or a soft fabric pouch.

  • Keep your lab-grown diamond earrings separate to prevent scratches or tangles from other jewelry pieces.

  • Choose a cool, dry place for storage. Avoid extreme heat or sunlight over time, as this can affect the sparkle.

So back to the main question — 

Are lab-grown diamond earrings as valuable as mined diamonds?

Monetary Value: Lab-grown diamonds typically cost 40-60% less than mined diamonds of similar size and quality. This makes them a fantastic choice for budget-conscious sparkle lovers!

Resale Value:  The lab-grown diamond market is relatively new, so there's less established resale history compared to mined diamonds.

Perception: Some consumers might still see mined diamonds as a more traditional "investment" due to their historical scarcity. This perception could affect the resale value of lab grown diamond earrings for women in the short term.

So, are they a good investment option?

It depends on your goals:

For premium sparkle and everyday wear,  lab-grown diamonds are a fantastic choice! You get beautiful, ethically sourced gems at a fraction of the cost. 

For a potential long-term investment: mined diamonds might be a safer bet (for now) due to established resale markets.

What's the future possibilities?

The lab-grown diamond market is rapidly growing. As it matures, the resale value of lab-grown diamonds could potentially increase.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Do you prioritise affordability and ethical sourcing, or do you prefer the traditional investment potential of mined diamonds?— Whatever you may choose, Angara is here to bring to you the best of both! 

So if you're thinking about treating yourself (or your bae ) to some dazzling diamond earrings?  Let's chat about lab-grown diamonds and find the perfect pair for you!


1. Where to buy lab grown diamonds in India?
Shop from the US’s best jewellers, now in India. Angara provides both natural and lab-grown diamond and gemstone jewellery and ships to your doorsteps for free. Every piece is certified, BIS Hallmarked, and customisable. 

2. How to tell lab-grown diamonds from natural?
The naked eye cannot distinguish between a lab-grown and mined diamond. A gemological laboratory certificate is the only way to confirm the origin.  Look for earrings with certificates from reputable institutions.


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