10 Lab-grown Diamond Jewellery Essentials For Your 9-5 Elegance Under 40k

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All hail to the boss lady! 

Balancing life's a tightrope walk, but you, queen bee, deserve nothing short of a star shine. Even on those dull and cloudy presentation days. But juggling work deadlines and dinner dates can take away the luster.

That's why we've whipped up a dream list of 10 under-40k sparklers from our lab-grown diamond collection, guaranteed to add some serious boss babe energy to your power strut.  

Here we go…

Lab-Grown Diamond Sun Pendant

Forget chasing rainbows, you are the sunshine! It's the power symbol and a reminder that even when you're hustling through stormy deadlines, brighter achievements are always on the horizon. Crafted with BIS Hallmarked gold this clustered Lab-Grown Diamond Sun Pendant is just the perfect piece to add to your boss vibes! 

Lab-Grown Diamond Shell Stud Earrings

Who doesn't love diamond stud earrings? Plus when they come at such a striking price point!  Our Lab-Grown Diamond Shell Stud Earrings feature eight sparkling lab-grown diamonds in a cool cowrie shell design that add a touch of breezy beach vibes to your boss lady persona— without sacrificing that professional polish.  Win-win!

Lab-Grown Diamond Infinity Swirl Journey Pendant

Infinity symbol lover? This Lab-Grown Diamond Infinity Swirl Journey Pendant is for you!  It's more than just a pretty swirl – it's a celebration of your incredible journey.  Each lab-grown diamond represents a step you've taken, a hurdle you've cleared, reminding you of the powerful woman you've become. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Journey Bypass Ring

And if the idea of expressing your journey on a finger fascinates you just as much— try out this Lab-Grown Diamond Journey Bypass Ring. With 6 lab-grown diamonds arranged in an ascending order speaks up for the toil you've been through. It's never been a cakewalk, never been ‘all luck’ — growth comes slowly and steadily, rising and becoming bigger in size, shinier and more dazzling than before! 

Lab-Grown Round Diamond Clover Station Necklace

For the minimalists, who love keeping their pieces in place. This Lab-Grown Round Diamond Clover Station Necklace saves you the hussle of choosing and matching your gold chain with the lab grown diamond pendants. Styled through the delicacy of the chain to grace your neckline with a four leaf clover— lucky eh? Sober, elegant, and an absolute must-have for the office ethnic parties! 

Lab-Grown Twisted Shank Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

There's an instant twinkle in the eyes when we say ‘solitairs’— don't you agree? It's everywhere from the bollywood blockbuster scenes to the best fashion magazines. And a twisted band? That's what gives this Lab-Grown Twisted Shank Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring its modern touch! Absolutely perfect for gifting and everyday wear. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace

Faith is a powerful thing, and this Lab-Grown Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace lets you wear yours close to your heart (or neckline!). The three stones representing the past, present and the future is a wonderful symbolism of surrender to the divine in charge of life's journey. 

Lab-Grown Pave-Set Diamond Curved Bar Earrings

There's something undeniably professional about a bar shape, and these Lab-Grown Pave-Set Diamond Curved Bar Earrings take it to the next level. They strike the perfect balance between studs and hoops, with just the right amount of sparkle. The rigid outlook is balanced by the curved flexibility – just like a boss babe should be!

Lab-Grown 2-Stone Diamond Ring in Prong Setting

The balance between professional and personal is decided by a thin line of difference with this Lab-Grown 2-Stone Diamond Ring in Prong Setting. The two-stone style is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of engagement and wedding rings and is also known as the Toi-et-moi Rings (French term for ‘you and me.’) Wear this beauty as a self-reminder to pamper yourself outside those meeting cubicals coz’ balance is key, queens!

Lab-Grown Contemporary Diamond Bar Necklace

Our Lab-Grown Diamond Bar Necklace is an absolute contemporary chic! With the popularity of geometric shapes in the jewellery picks, simple and minimalist styles are instantly grabbing attention with their versatility. You can wear it with that mauve blazer in the boardroom and also transit into your favourite black party dress in the evening— it's that flexible! 

And this is not where the list ends! Visit our website and check out some amazing professional perfect jewellery picks that are stunning and don't burn a hole in the pockets. 

Don't wait, upgrade your workday wardrobe rightaway! 


1. Do lab grown diamonds have resale value?
While mined diamonds might hold their value a bit better, lab-grown diamonds are still relatively new in the market. Although its resale market is still figuring things out, the money you save upfront makes up for the comparison! 

2. Are lab grown diamonds worth it?
Absolutely! They come in superb quality at a fraction of price compared to a mined diamond of the same quality. Plus they are eco-friendly!


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