Monsoon Must-have Lab Grown Diamond Earrings Under 50k

lab grown diamond earrings

Monsoons are here, and so is our desire to sparkle through the clouds!

There's something about everything during this season that reminds us of diamonds. Perhaps it's the way raindrops fall like scattered gems, or the way puddles reflect the sky like a million tiny mirrors.

Whatever be it—inspired by the magic of the monsoon, we've curated a collection of dazzling lab-grown diamond earrings guaranteed to outshine the downpours!  Ready to find your perfect monsoon match? Let's explore…

Earrings styles we absolutely recommend this monsoon season:
  • Danglers - coz’ this style lets your earrings dance with the rhythm of the rain and adds a touch of whimsical elegance to any monsoon fit.

  • Pear shaped studs - coz' that's the shape of raindrops falling gently from the sky. It feels like the most sun-kissed ones literally got crystallised on your ear-lobes! 

  • String or Sui dhaga earrings - coz' these beauties dance and sway with every step you take. Plus, the traditional charm that they shower, is simply worth falling for! 

  • Drop earrings - coz' they add drama to your downpour look! Opt for designs with cascading stones or delicate chains for a truly mesmerising look.

From the Angara Rain-bucket  

Diamond Cluster Earrings 

The monsoon season brings with it a symphony of glistening raindrops and lush greenery and nothing quite captures its essence better than this pair of Lab-Grown Diamond Cluster Earrings with Intertwined Leaf Frame. The delicate leaf frame that intertwines around the diamond cluster is reminiscent of lush monsoon vines or leaves overflowing with raindrops. 

Dangling Diamond Bar Earrings 

This Lab-Grown Hinged Hoop Dangling Diamond Bar Earrings is a minimalist’s bestie! Dangling from the secured hoop is a delicate vertical bar, adorned with sparkling lab-grown diamonds. These stones set in a pave setting, maximizes their brilliance and creates a cascade of shimmering light that absolutely compliments your rain dances. 

Pear-Shaped Diamond Solitaire Studs

Raindrops or diamonds? These Lab-Grown Pear-Shaped Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings blur the line with their dazzling brilliance. Each features a diamond quality of F-G color grade and VS clarity, ensuring exceptional brilliance that rivals a raindrop glistening in the sunlight.

Diamond Shell Stud Earrings 

Shaped like pretty cowrie shells, these Lab-Grown Diamond Shell Stud Earrings are  like tiny pieces of the beach, perfect for reminding you of sunny days even when it's pouring outside. Plus, these are a perfect way to add a touch of whimsical charm to your monsoon look, all while keeping you on-trend and environmentally conscious.

Two-stone Diamond Bypass Earrings 

These Lab-Grown Classic Two Stone Diamond Bypass Earrings are shaped like little lightning bolts!

So, ditch the ordinary studs and add a bolt of dazzling style to your monsoon look with these electrifying earrings. Each lightning bolt holds two tiny lab-grown diamonds – tiny but mighty sparkly (F-G, VS)! They're like little flashes of light, perfect for capturing the monsoon's electric vibe. Plus, they're kind to the environment and your wallet – win-win!

Infinity Earrings 

The monsoon season, with its endless loop of rain and sunshine, embodies the very essence of infinity. What's a better way to celebrate this beautiful cycle other than these captivating Lab-Grown Diamond Infinity Earrings? Check out this stunning Lab-Grown Two Stone Diamond Infinity Earrings and Lab-Grown Twin-Row Diamond Infinity Dangle Earrings

The Choice is Yours:

We want you to feel confident and radiant in your choice.  Whether you prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing with lab-grown diamonds, or the timeless elegance and potential investment of natural diamonds, we have the perfect earrings to make your monsoon season sparkle!

Let it rain diamonds— explore our monsoon-worthy collection and pair up!


1. Why are lab grown diamond earrings ideal for the monsoon season?
Why only monsoon, lab-grown are a sustainable alternative to mined diamonds and deserves to be celebrated all year round! 

2. Can lab grown diamond earrings be customised?
Absolutely! Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown ones offer a variety of customisation options. You can choose your favourite pair and customise its carat weight, metal type, settings, add engravings and more!


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