Why These 5 Lab-grown Diamond Earrings Under 40k Are Better Than The Natural Diamond Earrings?

lab grown diamond earrings

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is- “Are Lab-grown diamonds better than mined diamonds?” - they definitely are. 

In this blog, let us explain why! 

Lab-grown Diamond Earrings - Under 40k Budget 

Each of these earrings are picked from our lab-grown diamond earrings collection and features the top graded diamond quality F-G color grade and VS clarity.  They'll add a touch of whimsical charm to your look, all while keeping you on-trend and environmentally conscious.

  • Lab Grown Diamond Shell Stud Earrings

This pair of lab grown diamond shell stud earrings feature a unique cowrie shell design, adorned with sparkling lab-grown diamonds (0.08 CT total) in a secure prong setting. Crafted with 14 KT yellow gold that boasts a BIS Hallmark of authenticity, these earrings are both elegant and built to last.

  • Lab Grown Pear Shaped Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings


This elegant teardrop silhouette, represents a timeless symbol of femininity, and is sure to turn heads this monsoon season.

Each earring showcases a single, captivating lab-grown diamond (0.2 CT) meticulously cut at 4x2.5 mm for an elongated, pear-shaped brilliance, while the secure prong setting ensures these stunning lab grown pear shaped diamond solitaire stud earrings will become cherished companions for years to come.

  • Lab Grown Cluster Diamond Open Heart Stud Earrings

These lab grown cluster diamond open heart stud earrings are adorned with a cluster of sparkling lab-grown diamonds (0.12 CT total), each one meticulously cut at 1.3 mm for a dazzling display. Securely set in prongs, these beauties are sure to add a touch of romantic charm to your everyday look.

  • Lab Grown Diamond Floral Circle Stud Earrings

These lab grown diamond floral circle stud earrings (total weight: 2.18 grams) boast a captivating floral circle design, crafted in gleaming BIS Hallmarked 14kt yellow gold.  The floral design is adorned with a dazzling cluster of lab-grown diamonds (0.39 CT total), each boasting an F-G color grade and VS clarity for exceptional brilliance. These lab-grown diamond earrings offer the same fire and sparkle as mined diamonds, but with a significantly lower wallet and environmental impact.

  • Lab Grown Two Stone Diamond Infinity Earrings

These lab grown two stone diamond infinity earrings feature the infinity symbol, a universal symbol of forever and endless connections. The  symbol is adorned with two sparkling lab-grown diamonds (total weight 0.27 CT) – one slightly larger (2.9 mm) than the other (2.1 mm) – both boasting an F-G color grade and VS clarity ensuring exceptional brilliance that reflects your inner strength.

Lab-grown Diamonds V/s Natural Diamonds

When it comes to high-quality diamonds with impeccable cuts, clarity, and brilliance, lab-grown options offer a significant price advantage. While mined diamonds of similar quality might carry a steeper price tag, it's also important to remember that the gold quantity used in the design can also influence the final cost. More intricate settings with a higher gold content will naturally cost more, regardless of the diamond type.

Key differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds: 

Things to check while purchasing a Lab-grown diamond earrings: 

  • Certificate of authenticity - with diamond imitations floating in the market, it's essential to have a lab-tested authenticity certificate from reputable institutions like IGI, GIA and SGL for your lab-grown diamond earrings. At least you'll know that it's the actual diamond and the sparkle is real! 

  • 4 C’s - just like the mined diamonds, the price and value of lab diamonds absolutely depends on the cut, carat, colour, and clarity of the gemstone. The better these aspects are, the more sparkling your jewellery will be. 

  • Jeweller’s reputation - online jewellers like Angara, are often concerned about customer experience and their reviews. Hence, chances are high that they would provide you clarity and transparency at every step. 

  • The amount of gold involved - the price difference between lab-grown and mined diamond earrings might be smaller in some cases. This can be due to the amount of gold used. When compared separately, lab grown diamonds are typically priced at 40-60% less than mined diamonds of the same quality. 

  • Making charges - compare making charges (jeweller's crafting fee) across different retailers to get the best deal.

  • Resale policy - though lesser than natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do have their re-save value based on the 4 C’s. Check your jeweler's policy on repurchasing or offering exchange value. 

So back to the main question — 

Why do we consider these lab-grown diamond earrings better than the mined diamond earrings?


  • These are absolutely stunning 
  • Doesn't hurt mother Earth 
  • There's no ethical concerns 
  • The can snugly fit within your budget pouch 

While lab-grown diamonds might not be the traditional "investment" due to their newer market presence, they shine brighter on your budget! At 40-60% less than mined diamonds of similar quality, they're a fantastic choice for those who prioritize affordability and ethical sourcing. If long-term resale value is your main concern, mined diamonds might be a safer bet (for now). However, the rapidly growing lab-grown diamond market could see resale values increase in the future. So, the choice boils down to prioritizing affordability and ethical sourcing with lab-grown diamonds, or the potential long-term investment of mined diamonds. Whichever you choose, Angara offers the best of both.

We offer a wide range of customisable diamond pieces, handcrafted to your specifications.  Each piece is BIS Hallmarked and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can even add extra lab-testing for ultimate confidence.  And with our extensive customisation options, you can choose the perfect carat weight, metal type, and even personalise your piece to make it a treasured heirloom.

So ron't wait— head over to our website to see the full collection and find your perfect pair rightaway!


1. Do lab-grown diamond earrings lose their sparkle over time?
Not at all! Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically the same as the mined diamonds. Just as hard as mined ones, they resist scratches that steal shine. 

2. Can lab grown diamond earrings be customised?
You got it with Angara! Pick carat weight, metal type, and setting. Even add engravings for a personal touch.


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