Women's Day 2024: Celebrate The Women In Your Life With An Unbirthday Surprise!

women's day jewellery gift

Ocassions come and go, but celebrating the women in our lives should remain a timeless affair. As we bid adieu to Valentine's month, let's keep the spirit of love alive by honoring the remarkable women who shape our world. At Angara, we take pride in celebrating every facet of womanhood and their timeless fascination with fine jewellery. 

Our vast collection of women's day jewellery is here to celebrate every woman and their journey towards loving others and themselves. Let this blog be your cheat sheet for choosing the ideal sparkle for the women who bring endless joy to your life.

Here you go!

For the Woman Who Brought You Up

How often do we get a chance to express our love and gratitude to the woman who not only brought us into the world, but breathes life into us every single day? Tirelessly, she works day and night with a smile just to see us happy. Why wait for a birthday to show her how much she means to you? Consider the classic stud earrings or the Love Knot Diamond Stud Earrings. After all, she has kept you knitted in love forever and always! 

Diamond Floral Circle Stud Earrings

For the Woman Who Grew With You 

For the girl who  hates you like Jerry but can't go a day without your teasing, it's time for some sibling pampering! Imagine the shock on her face when you surprise her with a stunning diamond horizontal parallel bar ring or a chic stackable diamond necklace. The thrill of seeing her reaction? Priceless.

Diamond Horizontal Parallel Bar Ring

For The Woman Who's Born For You 

Valentine's month may have come and gone, but remember, she's more than just your soulmate; she's a woman. Now is the time to celebrate all the facets of her personality, both known and unknown to you. It's time to honor and cherish her. Explore our collection of rings for women to add a romantic touch to your gesture while showing your respect and appreciation for her femininity. She'll adore receiving this as a celebration of her womanhood, more than a valentine’s present (coz’ that's so rare) —we're willing to bet on it!

For the Woman Who's Born From You

Let's raise the bar for the man aiming to win her heart for life. Your princess deserves a partner who cherishes her in every moment, whether in celebration or in everyday life. She deserves to experience a love that transcends logic, a love that wishes for nothing but the best for her future. And who knows her better than you? Crafting a timeless, customized piece of jewellery that surpasses any man's efforts would indeed be a worthy challenge!

For the Woman Who Taught You Friendship

A sister from another mother is nothing short of a soulmate. She's your partner in crime, the keeper of your darkest secrets, and the one who chooses you every day. For all the excuses made in her name, all the playful blames thrown her way, and all the love and laughter shared together, stack them up and adorn her neckline with our stunning stackable jewellery collection or statement necklaces. She's sure to love it!

Diamond Cancer Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace

For the Woman Who Made a Difference 

Whether it's your grandma, a teacher, a manager, a pen-friend, or any woman who has tirelessly (and sometimes unknowingly) shaped your future and impacted your life for the better, celebrating womanhood shouldn't be limited to just your nearest and dearest. Extend your gratitude to those who least expect it! And when it comes to choice, an extra pair of earrings for women is never “too many” for the collection. 

For the Woman That You've Become

Who says women need gifts from others to feel special? This Women’s Day, give yourself the gift of bling from Angara! With something for everyone, you're bound to find that perfect piece you've been eyeing. Treat yourself to a little sparkle and celebrate the incredible person you've become. Take a moment to thank yourself for the journey you've traversed and the bright future that lies ahead. You deserve it!


1. Can I personalize the jewellery which I purchase for my mom?
Absolutely! We offer complete customization options such as engraving initials, adding birthstones, or even creating bespoke designs tailored to your taste. Choose the metal type, gemstone carat weight, style and more to show your love and gratitude just the way you want! 

2. What makes Angara jewellery unique for Women's Day gifting?
Handcrafted to perfection and backed by a 15-day money-back guarantee, our jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and BIS hallmark, ensuring the highest quality standards. Plus, complete customization options let you create a truly unique piece.

3. What are some popular jewellery trends for Women's Day gifting in 2024?
Spiritual motifs, bold designs, coloured gemstones, stackable rings, and necklaces with charms are among the latest trends in fine jewellery.


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