Jewellery Gifting Guide for Valentine's Day — Meaning, Symbolisms, and More!

valentine jewellery

Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and as you prepare to craft the perfect V-Day to-do list, prioritizing gifting is a must.

While chocolate and flowers are nice, why not make it extra special? Give your loved one a gift that will truly stand the test of time—go down the path of gifting jewellery, and you’re almost guaranteed an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Ask someone who loves romance and pretty accessories, and they'll probably mention diamonds, gemstones, or precious metals in their wishlist . So, picking the right jewellery piece for your special someone on February 14th is a big deal. To guide you through this process, we've compiled our very own Valentine's jewellery guide.

Keep reading to learn about the meanings behind romantic gemstones and jewellery, and check out some of our favourite picks for this Valentine's Day. 

Top 7 Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Valentine:

Valentine's Day, akin to New Year's Eve, often carries the weight of finding the ideal activity and the perfect companion to share it with. So this year, we've taken away the hassle and the heartache by rounding up our 7 favourite jewellery categories that cater to everyone: 

1. The Heart-Shaped Jewellery Gift:

Explore the charm of heart-shaped jewellery—a timeless trend that we excel in. From pendants to rings and earrings, we have a delightful collection. Be sure to take a look at our exquisite diamond-interlocked heart ring and captivating amethyst heart pendant.

diamond interlocked heart ring

Amethyst Heart Pendant with Diamond Double Halo

2. The Pearl Gift:

Pearls are utterly romantic and classic in any form. Whether it's the twist of classic-cut temporary designs or the sleek metal-worked creations, pearls are certain to bring joy and delight.

3. The Gemstone Gift:

If you wish to add a pop of color to your gesture, gemstones like rubies, morganite, and pink sapphires create a festive and swoon-worthy impression. Consider bold stones such as emeralds, tanzanite, and aquamarine for that exceptional "wow" factor.

4. The Gift of Zodiacs:

If your relationship is enchanted by "Astrophell & Stella," don't miss out on checking this amazing collection! Inspired by the sky's most famous luminary, the collection is designed to be worn and layered together. Add a powerful pop, promising to boost well-being, calm nerves, or bring luck into your relationship. 

5. The Diamond Gift:

When uncertain, choose the timeless allure of diamond jewellery. Diamonds symbolize the deep and unbreakable bond between two people, making them the ultimate symbol of everlasting and unconditional love. Classic diamond necklaces or earrings stand the test of time, while more contemporary creations like undulating rings or hoops provide a thrilling alternative.

diamond jewellery

6. The Precious Metals Gift:

While Valentine's Day is an ideal occasion for indulging in grand jewellery, your bae might prefer minimalist yet striking everyday pieces. In that case, let precious metals steal the spotlight. Whether it's a gold necklace, diamond stud earrings, or rose gold accents—these pieces hold great significance for daily wear.

diamond stud earrings

7. The Personalized Jewellery Gift:

Cue the happy tears by going beyond ordinary. Choose from our range of initial pendants, zodiac necklaces, meaningful coin necklaces, evil eye jewellery, or lucky charms to pamper your loved one with jewellery that celebrates everything they are about. Make it all about them or add a piece representing a fond memory together. Plus, all our jewellery at Angara can be customised in terms of metal type, gemstone carat, or design!

No matter how or who you're celebrating with— we've got you covered. Want to show solidarity among besties? Try accessorizing with initial pendants. Popping the question over a romantic V-Day dinner? Keep it real with a diamond engagement ring. If you prefer to play it casual, glam up your sweetheart neckline with a sentimental symbol or two (stackable necklaces, hearts or otherwise). And for those who want to skip the traditional motifs altogether, go for colored gemstones with spiritual meaning and total style. 

evil eye jewellery

Pairing Jewellery with V-Day Outfits:

While you've been busy selecting the perfect date night outfit for Valentine's Day, don't forget the significance of choosing the right jewellery. For a plunging neckline dress or top, consider gifting her a chic three-layered chain to effortlessly enhance her look. If you're opting to give a solid-colored outfit, opt for a gorgeous gemstone heart ring to add a pop of vibrancy. While making a thoughtful choice to compliment her outfit, remember, jewellery should be worn every day, not just on special occasions. 

The Last Word:

If you're planning a #SheSaidYes moment, ensure the ring is on point—whether it's a larger-than-life diamond or a vintage-inspired cluster. But before the grand moment, pester to treat her to a well-prepared manicure (she'll just love it!).

Our unique fusion of Indian artisanal craftsmanship and contemporary Western aesthetics results in jewellery perfect for any occasion. Explore our collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings featuring gemstones for a stunning and heartfelt gift. Whether you're proposing, celebrating with a cork-popping moment, hosting a potluck with your valentine, or navigating a complicated relationship status—commemorate all forms of love this Valentine's Day with Angara.

Our V-Day picks are bound to spark inspiration, confirming that love truly is in the air and all around.

Let love take over. 


1. What jewellery should I wear on Valentine's Day?
Heart-shaped jewellery is a timeless Valentine's Day option. You may also go for a rose gold pendant with diamond accents or a minimalist choice such as a gold chainlink necklace. Timeless and sweet choices include coloured gemstone and diamond jewellery or classic pearl pieces.

2. Is jewellery good for Valentine's Day?
Certainly! Jewellery is a all time favorite for women that never goes out of style. 

3. Are there specific jewellry pieces that are considered traditional Valentine's Day gifts?
Symbolic jewellery for Valentine's Day often features heart-shaped designs, personalized pieces like initial necklaces or birthstone baubles, and timeless classics like diamond or pearl pieces.



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