Jewellery Gifts That Suit Every Occasion and Budget

jewellery gifts

Jewellery has long been a symbol of love, friendship and appreciation. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or expressing your affection, our jewellery gift guide is your passport to a world of timeless treasures for every occasion and budget. 

Now, if you thought that gifting jewellery equals breaking the bank, then you haven’t seen the fine jewellery gifts that Angara has in store for you and your loved ones. We have stunning options in every category that are sure to make your partner or your bestie gleam with joy. 

Grab your cart and let’s get gift shopping! 

Earrings for Her That Speak Your Love Language

Encapsulating both beauty and sentiment, coloured gemstone earrings make the perfect jewellery gifts for women. From classic round sapphire studs to chic pearl and diamond danglers, Angara’s wide array of luxury jewellery gifts will leave you in awe. Does your bae swing more towards hoops and trendy jewellery pieces? Our collection won’t disappoint! Earrings from Angara will not only add a touch of elegance to all her fits, but will be a constant reminder of your love and adoration. 

Put a Ring On it Without Blowing Your Budget 

Ah, nothing would give her greater assurance of your love than a sparkling ring. If you want to make her fall head over heels but don’t want to empty out every penny, then explore Angara’s meticulously crafted rings in vibrant coloured gemstones. From aquamarine solitaires that mimic the summer sky to lush green emeralds that make an eye-catching style statement, you’ll easily find a ring that matches her vibe. Trust us, when it comes to jewellery gifts for women, a ring is always a safe option. 

Say it With a Pretty Pendant 

If you thought a box of chocolates would be the key to her heart, think again! A mesmerising pendant from Angara is the ultimate key to get her gushing. Is your bestie getting married soon? A handcrafted pendant would be the perfect jewellery for wedding celebrations and to showcase the deep friendship you share. Choose from a wide variety of styles such as solitaire, fashion, halo, classic and stackables. 

‘Bling’ On the Good Times With Beautiful Bracelets 

Bracelets weave the perfect gift-giving story, intertwining style as well as sentiment. Like miniature works of art, they adorn the wrists and complete a look like no other accessory can. If you want someone special in your life to embrace her individuality in the best way possible, then look no further than Angara’s wrist candies. From classic tennis bracelets to nature-inspired designs that steal the show and complement every attire, we’ve got a variety of options for you.

Treat Her With Chic Initial Jewellery 

With so many festivals filling up our calendar, now is the best time to scope out the perfect Diwali, Holi or Christmas jewellery for your S.O. But what makes the perfect gift that’s easy on your pocket and super unique? Two words: initial jewellery! Initials are not just pretty but they are extremely personalised and special. Whether she likes a minimalistic style or something more ornate, you’re sure to find the perfect piece in our collection.

Be it a necklace, ring, earrings or a dainty bracelet, jewellery gifts are always in vogue and a forever favourite with those who love living on the sparkly side of things 

At Angara, you can easily customise your choice of jewellery and make it extra special for your loved ones. So, don’t waste a single moment, shop your jewellery gift now! 


1. What are some timeless jewellery pieces that suit any occasion?
Timeless jewellery pieces that match perfectly with any occasion include diamond studs or drops, pearl necklaces, sapphire pendants and solitaire rings adorned with rubies or emeralds. Besides these, tennis or cuff bracelets, chic hoops and charm bracelets also exude a contemporary flair that suits every memorable event.

2. What occasions are suitable for giving jewellery gifts? 

In India, jewellery gifts are appropriate for a range of occasions, including weddings, engagements and festivals like Diwali, Eid, Holi and Christmas. More importantly, jewellery gifts can be given on wedding anniversaries, birthdays or during housewarming ceremonies. 

3. Is diamond jewellery a popular Valentine’s Day gift? 
Without a doubt, diamond jewellery is an exceptionally popular gift option for Valentine’s Day. Diamonds symbolise love’s enduring strength, making them a perfect expression of affection. 



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