Harnessing the Power of Gemstones: A Guide to Astrological Jewellery

power of gemstone

If you’re here reading this article, chances are you are low-key obsessed with gemstone astrology. Well, remember the time you looked up the gemstone according to your birth chart and felt a gravitational pull towards birthstone jewellery? You’re not the only one! 

Since time immemorial, gemstones have captivated and allured with their mystique and charm. Besides their striking appearance, gemstones are believed to possess transformative powers too. For centuries, mankind has been drawn to the idea of using precious gemstones in influencing various aspects of life, from personal well-being and love to career growth and financial abundance. 

Curious to know more about gemstone benefits? Read on! 

Curing Doshas With the Power of Gemstones 

Gemstones are sparkling wonders that can balance and mend your doshas as they guide you on a cosmic journey of restoration and harmony. 

The restlessness and instability of the Vata dosha can be soothed with the help of gemstones. Beautiful gemstones such as blue sapphire and emerald have a calming effect and give way to stability. 

Is your Pitta dosha aggravated? Gemstones such as pearl and moonstone can do wonders for you. These gems provide a cooling effect both for the mind as well as the body, and that reduces feelings of anger and stress. 

If you’re having trouble bringing your Kapha dosha into balance, then gemstones such as ruby and garnet can bring back the vitality and warmth to energise your heart and mind. 

Besides re-establishing stability, gemstones can also address health issues connected with different doshas. For example, amethyst is believed to cure headaches. 

Besides healing, gemstones have the ability to enhance one’s well-being and promote feelings of positivity and bliss. But at the end of the day, we recommend that you consult an experienced astrologer who can guide you according to your birth chart. 

Gemstones to Accelerate Career Growth

Know someone who has started a new job or is eyeing a life-changing promotion? This information would be worth sharing. Astrological experts often recommend ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond and coral for success in career and financial gain. It is believed that these gems not only create paths to money but also help you conduct yourself with confidence and zeal at your workplace. 

Gemstones to Strengthen Relationships

Ready to tie the knot soon or have already begun a new chapter with your better half? According to astrologers, the gemstones that promote feelings of love, loyalty and compatibility are emeralds, diamonds, rubies and opals. If you follow gemstone astrology closely, you’ll understand the significance of these stones and their connection to passion and love. But if you’re new to all of this, then you must seek the advice of an astrologer before investing in one of these stones. 

Gemstones to Enhance Emotional Well-Being

Gemstones can not only promote love and success, but can improve your emotional well-being. They can enhance your mental clarity and help you focus better. Gemstones like rose quartz is believed to promote compassion, self-love and emotional healing. On the other hand, amethyst can calm your mind and reduce stress.

Gemstones and Planets

You already know that gemstones play an important role in astrology. But, did you know that some gemstones are aligned to certain planets? Keep reading to find out…


If the ravishing ruby makes your heart skip a beat, then you’d be glad to know that in astrology, the ruby represents the sun. It has the power to build your confidence, vitality and improve your leadership skills. This intense red gemstone symbolises passion, courage and will uplift your self-esteem too. Bursting with creativity and enthusiasm, ruby embodies success and abundance. When worn on a ring or pendant, ruby’s vibrant red hue will foster good health and vitality. 

Yellow Sapphire 

Say hello to Jupiter’s golden glow––yellow sapphire. In astrology, this bright and alluring gemstone is like Jupiter’s BFF. This gem sparks prosperity and good fortune, and boosts wisdom and success. Its cosmic compass sharpens perception and will help you make confident choices at work as well as in your personal life. Wear yellow sapphire jewellery for ushering in uninhibited happiness and let this blazing yellow gem ignite the brightest path for you. 


Time for a little magic with Mercury, Venus and the ancient emerald! In astrology, this blazing green gem dances with Mercury’s wit and Venus’ charm. Express clearly and watch your intellect reach greater heights with this gem. Besides this, emerald is also known to enhance feelings of love between partners and brings about a sense of harmony in relationships. Emerald rings and pendants are some of the best recommendations when it comes to wearing zodiac gemstones in the form of jewellery. 


Let’s talk about moon magic with pearls! These globules of heavenly joy unlock intuition and nurturing vibes. If your astrologer has advised you to wear pearls, then embrace the lunar energy, find harmony and ditch negativity with their celestial shield. These ancient gems are perfect relationship coaches and boost emotional connections with loved ones. Wear jewellery adorned with pearls and let your inner artist shine through!


Diamonds are connected to Venus as well as Saturn. Astrologically, diamonds team up with Venus for love’s allure and with Saturn for structure and power. If worn the correct way and according to the birth chart, you can expect your charisma to unleash in ways like never before and love to sparkle brighter than ever. Whatever life’s challenges may be, diamond jewellery when worn under astrological guidance can banish every negative feeling or hurdle. 

Blue Sapphire

In astrology, blue sapphire is Saturn’s favourite gemstone. Bringing stability, discipline and resilience, this mesmerising gem is the key to conquering life’s challenges. Promoting wisdom and spiritual growth, the gem helps you discover your higher consciousness. You can expect protection from negative energies and clarity in thoughts with blue sapphire jewellery. 

Hessonite Garnet

If you’re a fan of garnets, then you’d be delighted to see this gem on our list. This sunset-hued gemstone is believed to give razor-sharp focus to your mind, immense clarity in thought and unshakeable grit. If ambition and achievements in career take priority on your vision board, then this is the gemstone to consider. But don’t forget to check with your astrologer for more exact guidance and consultation. 


The unforgettable deep orange hue of the coral gemstone is bound to have you captivated. But what makes it even more interesting is its profound connection with the cosmic power couple––Mars and Venus! From boosting feelings of courage and selfless love to igniting a fiery imagination, coral will help you overcome all hurdles without a scratch! 

Cat’s Eye

The cat’s eye gemstone dances in harmony with Ketu. Summoning luck and fortune, this exotic gemstone is all about psychic powers. If you’re ready to shed old skin and transform, then this gem will become your confidant. Get rid of life’s rocky challenges and let the secrets of the universe take you on paths you’ve only dreamed of till now. In short, watch all your dreams manifest with the cat’s eye. 

Whatever path you’re on, gemstones can certainly inspire you to turn your dreams into a reality. However, do get proper guidance from your astrologer before narrowing it down to the gemstone that best aligns with your chart as well as your life.



1. How are zodiac sings related to gemstones?
According to astrological beliefs, wearing the gemstone associated with your zodiac sign can have various effects on your life, as it is believed to resonate with the energies and characteristics of the respective planet and sign.

2. Do gemstones really heal according to astrology?
Gemstones are believed to enhance the flow of positive energy and aid in purging the body and mind of negative energies, leading to physical and emotional advantages.  

3. Will gemstones provide astrological benefits?
If you consult an astrologer and wear a gemstone based on your birth chart, there are strong chances that the gemstone may heal or provide the necessary mental or physical strength to fulfil your dreams.



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